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Is Crush basically cohesion + connections?

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  • Is Crush basically cohesion + connections?

    I have had great results with cohesion and connections together in a combo. 2 sprays of each to the sides of the neck. I find it creates a really nice vibe with women and they want to converse with you and feel comfortable with you. Sometimes I will swap the cohesion with Taboo to add a slight sexual side.

    This combo is great for days where I can't deal with high dosed androstenone products. Sometimes higher dosages of androstenone make you feel on edge, easily irritated and if you aren't in the zone can have a negative effect. Also I find with women I work with days can swing between them absolutely loving me with visible excitement to obviously feeling irritated. I suspect this is cycle related as it follows a pattern.

    Anyway with the connections+cohesion combo it seems you don't get the negative side and opens up women really nicely.

    I have a bottle of crush which works very well solo, better than cohesion for me but looking at the ingredients I thought is Crush just cohesion + connections as crush contains anols and bnols like connections and the dieone and androstenone like cohesion?

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    Can you link the claim that it has anols and bnols?. Store page I'm looking at is A1 and enone plus proprietary molecules. Bnols and anols don't fit my idea of proprietary


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