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Are extra Copulins mostly necessary?

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  • Are extra Copulins mostly necessary?

    Hey dear community,

    I have read through loads of posts these days and finally think I am ordering a few pheros here a I am a first time user.

    My question is: is having copulins under the nose a good thing to mostly do, because some pheros might give a depressive effect?

    I have already ordered from Aroma Fero today: The Hook Up, M3X, SXD-9 and Love God
    And from XS I think about ordering: SOB, Evolve, Barely Legal (or maybe the pack with Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve and Sob)

    I am wondering if there are combination possibilities in any of these pheros ? If not what would be fine to get as an exta to be able to combo them?


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    start out using each one solo, don't worry about combos for a few weeks. Get to know each product at light, medium, and heavy doses. Get out to places with lots of women. Use light doses around close friends and families if that is all that you can hang around that day but go out of your way to find venues with women or your testing isn't really solid. I think if you do this you will find that nothing you are ordering causes depression that can't be controlled by dose alone. be outgoing and cheerful, others will likely be the same and the resulting fun will push you right through any fear or depression. I often have to fake it for a few minutes when I wear heavy alphas but then the crowd carries me along.

    I like cops but find a light dose is best for guys, Women can wear three times as much easily. I only wear it under the nose for the gym. I think the number of people that get depressed on regular doses of pheromone blends isn't all that many but the ones that do really shout it out. If you look at names on forums it's always the same few people but they are really vocal about it. Don't let others' experiences prejudice your own unique testing. Don't go into these things expecting them to depress you. Why would anyone seek that? The only molecule creating depression is in cohesion, we call it A1. It is one of the pheromones with the most scientific research behind it. Don't dismiss it before you do your own investigation. But what is odd is that cohesion makes girls happy and calm and not depressed. I find a light dose makes other guys want to be buddy-buddy. On me, the first few hours of it draw girls closer but after a few hours, I start to get tired. It's not depression, I've had that. All I do when that kicks in is wash it off.

    The solution isn't always to add more, I want to dose heavier or combo, I put the extra on my wrist or forearms so they are easy to wipe off if needed. Anytime I put too much of anything on, I just wash it off with soap and water at the sink. Nothing fancy. Some of my best hits have been when I put on too much, things felt heavy so I rinsed off my wrists, and bang it was perfect.
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      Thanks for your reply,

      I will definitely stick to solo in the beginning but wanted to know if in the future any of those I mentioned are somehow possible to combine with each other if m experience has grown enough at that point? Or are they all too sexual?

      Does extra copulins if needed ar some time, countereffect something in a negative way? What positive effect that the pheros have could it negate other than the probable negative effect of depression?
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        If you can mask it, go for it. Might be better off with PXS new cops, less to cover up since they smell alright by themselves


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          Originally posted by ChasingAHigh View Post
          If you can mask it, go for it. Might be better off with PXS new cops, less to cover up since they smell alright by themselves
          Which new cops are those?
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            They don't exist yet. Steve's struggling through supply chain stuff pretty hard
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