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Question about ratios

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  • Question about ratios

    Hi everyone,
    I noticed that some of my favorite blends from XS (like ascend and Pimp) and other vendors tend to have a higher a-rone content compared to enone.

    I wanted to play around with straight a-rone and enone.
    I want to keep the a-rone content higher than enone.
    Anyone have any recommended ratios to start with?

    I'd love to ask XSteveO personally what ratio he uses in ascend, but I'm sure that's not up for disclosure.

    BTW, I noticed API also has more rone than none.

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    Solo arone and enone. The dosage you experience the best effects will set the starting point ratio that’s best for you.


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      I think the best ratio depends on your age. I generally think of the two as enone is sex and arone is maturity for starters. They are of course much more complex and you are free to chose your own words. I just picked some for brevity and to get to the point.

      First about dose. Properly buffered I have heard of people wearing 100 mcg of enone but unbuffered I find my most attractive dose to be only 4! but this can be taken up to 6 with only a tiny bit of arone and not only am I carrying a more potent sexual signal, I've picked up a bit of maturity 6 to 1 ratio feels like very early 20's to me. All kinds of women young and old like that but older womens noses become immune with age.

      Another place to start is 4 to 3. 4 parts enone to 3 parts arone. Now you get some status that the young rutting teenager doesn't have and its not so much a pure sex signal.

      Once you get a handle on those two ratios you will understand enone arone in more complete ways than I have described. Oh and I usually refer to arone as erone in other posts. I think they are identical, I hope lest I answered your question completely wrong

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        ChasingAHigh That's a very sound idea. It's reasonable. Since I want to keep the rone content much higher than none, I'll test rone solo some more, then gradually add none.

        Muestereate Thanks so much brother! I have tried those ratios, but for some reason, with my body chemistry, I need way more rone than none. I believe I produce a lot of none at the moment, so I like to use rone based products to temper that. I'll keep you updated if I find something significant that works for me. SteveO's putatives have been keeping me busy testing. I highly recommend xs115!!


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          I like to keep my enone light too. Steve uses DHEA with enone but he has to do some secret blending stuff because it burns off real fast compared to the rest of everything else. Maybe iso e super or some musks would anchor it and slow it down. I heard ethylene brassylate smooths out perfume curves. XSP 96 might blend it a bit and don't forget A1. People give it a bad rap but if you are blending your own you can use any amount that works. I find small amounts seem to work pretty good, then it kind of levels off till I get around 50 where it starts working better kinda suddenly and just as suddenly I can OD somewhere north of 60. Find your own limits.

          Working out enone to erone is a perfect place to play. I think that is where this all started. I know it's where my journey started though I got away from heavy enone pretty quick. Too polarizing around friends.

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            Yes, SteveO has some great stuff to work with.
            I like DHEAS, A1, and XSP96, but they tend to soften a blend, which is great when you need it.

            For me XS115 does the trick but it adds a layer of smoothness and sexiness. I recommend it with heavy rone/none products.
            1 shot is enough. Sometimes 2, but 1 does the trick.
            Oh, and thanks to justintime469, a little bit of cops. Thanks to his own mixes I've been lucky to test, I noticed diluted cops work well, like 1/10th drop.


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              Alpha Androstenol can buffer enone too, a more social take on sexual aggression instead of or addition to erones maturity status. perhaps anol buffering erone would be an interesting direction for research too.

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                I enjoy rone because it rounds and balances things out.
                I try not to buffer much. Anol also converts into something similar to none on my skin and I naturally produce a lot of none, so I try to stay clear of that.


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