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are oils stronger than sprays?

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  • Muestereate
    Do you meran as far as effectiveness or product per bottle/mlliter? There are at least three things at play here. Drop size, dispersion and duration. First if you measure a drop, the average drop is about 4.5ul whereas the average spray is about 12.5ul. At the least, an oil has to be about 3 times more concentrated, then duration, 4-6 good hours against 8 -10. So the oil has to release almost twice the amount across its total time, 3 times 2 is about 6 times the concentration for the oil, but the spray is spreading further and faster so they are canceling each other out when it comes to effectiveness. This is why sprays are recomended, they hit harder faster and further. So many consider sprays stronger.

    With all this at play thought, you get more molecules per bottle in the oil. I figure 3 to 6. but Steve says 6 to 8. Either way you measure it, oils are a good deal at less than twice the price of a spray for 3 to 8 times as much by molecular weight. That much is clear. WHat also becomes unclear is each blends concentration has to be adjusted till the same approximate effects. One formula, one conversion, one size does not fit all.

    But since dispersion is so important, it muddies the waters also. You have to buy based on your personal use. The usual recomendation is warm versus cooler weather but I like to add the idea of distance. AM I going to be in close range of my target, how intimate. Intimat distance is for oils, Trying to turn heads across the room or a big table is for sprays.In a competitive environment with lots of other guys and colognes, smoke liquor and whatever other odors like in a nightclub, its time again for sprays.

    For many scenarios sprays are stronger. You mentioned evolve, I have both spray and oil, the oil can be too much for me. I have to do some more experiments with the spray tbh but there is such a thing as too strong and the spray seems to be more social in the beginning but still goes hard sexual at the end. Some would say its weaker but I like a strong social so after a few years I may decide the spray is better/stronger or at least more suited to me.

    Clear as mud? Context, so much context to consider.

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  • eroque
    started a topic are oils stronger than sprays?

    are oils stronger than sprays?

    Hi, i have heard that pxs oils versions are stronger than sprays versions, for example evolve oil is stronger than spray version. i have heard that if the spray version has 20mcg Enone per spray then 1 drop of the oil has alot more. is that true? how to we know? looking for clarity , thanks

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