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Do others know that you're wearing pheromones?

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  • Do others know that you're wearing pheromones?

    Have y'all, I'm curious to know how you explain if others ask about the smell. I'm wondering do others react poorly when they find out you're wearing pheromones? Especially a woman you've attracted with them? Do you keep it a secret? Any and all comments appreciated

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    nope i don't tell them. I wear usually light cover scents and doses.

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      Yep,most of the people are hiding this little magic
      Me on the other hand i don't hide it from my husband ..but with time he just forget


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        Originally posted by Yeeto View Post
        Have y'all, I'm curious to know how you explain if others ask about the smell. I'm wondering do others react poorly when they find out you're wearing pheromones? Especially a woman you've attracted with them? Do you keep it a secret? Any and all comments appreciated

        That is a really good question. I never had someone comment I smell bad. I usually wear unscented pheromones and use my own fragrance.

        Some clients do report that people comment that they smell and they think it's the pheromones. I just realized I don't know how they responded.

        Most people keep it a secret, some kept it a secret after their girlfriend, wife, or someone they tried it on reacted badly. Some of us like myself, am really open about it with the hubby and encourage him to use it all the time for work and with me.

        I suggest keeping it to yourself for now.


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          I never told women as I doubt a woman would be pleased to learn you ve been using pheromones to attract her amongst other things...
          It won t feel natural romantic
          you want to seduce and arouse her emotional side ...
          Have you ever heard of pheromones in a romance novel ?

          A few years ago I got called out a couple of times on the scent as I did the typical newbie mistake over spraying strong mones with light cover scent or not reapplying cover scent after a few hours ...
          I brushed it off explaining I had sprayed too much perfume and mixed them with oils ....
          My mom and a long term partner called me out a few times but only when mones had just been applied and hadn t let them dry down long enough ... again used the same overdose and mixing oils excuse
          if you have a wife or longt term partner maybe you can apply them outside and let them dry down rather than spray in the bathroom as ladies have a stronger sense of smell ...


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            Only person I ve let in the know are a few close mâle friends and colleagues when they complained about their romantic life or lack of fun in the bedroom
            I told them it wasn't a magical pill but they should give it a try as an enhancer combined with some seduction and sexual pleasure resources ...
            It made it fun to share our stories and find out x or y event was due to mones ...


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              Last point not trying to influence you
              I don t know if you played with sexual pills ...
              I did and quite a few times was asked if I was using viagra as I can go on multiple rounds until the morning then still ready for breakfast ....
              Should I tell her I m popping a pill ?
              I doubt it will be positive for her ego and emotional side
              I just make sure my réserve is well hidden and and just deny playfully saying no way I m willing to risk an heart attack ...then playfully blame her for my excitement
              Stop being so incredibly sexy
              stop looking at me with your seductive eyes
              see you re doing it again
              it s your fault I can t help but feel incredible desire for you
              I d be stupid to tell I m popping a pill as it won t feed her emotional side the right way and I m convinced it will kill her excitement too


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                Last point, experienced users have said it many times in the forum
                Go low on dosing as PXS products are strong and don t need many spays ...
                Let it dry down and apply 15 min before going out and always use strong and lasting cover scent
                You d be spoiling the mones without additional benefits


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                  Of course not

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                    Keep it to yourself! It's your secret.


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                      The only person who knows I'm wearing pheromones is a close work colleague I'm doing some mentoring with regarding them. He got caught off guard as he was going to meet a new gal-pal but ended up meeting up with his STBXW and they ended up having a little bedroom fun ... which I find hilarious considering they're in the midst of divorce. Wish I can remember what I gave him to experiment with.
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                        As a seasoned female mind-hacker, I never divulge my tactics and secrets - I don't care how pretty she is. I'm also a magician. Imagine me performing my most esteemed magical effects - then telling you how I did it - it takes away the mystery of it, right? Thats what keeps the ladies around and aroused..
                        I keep all my bootycalls close and my secret olfactory scents even closer!

                        Its my superpower!


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