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First Date Hit List

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  • First Date Hit List

    Hello all,

    I did a search within the forums and failed to find an existing topic I'm starting anew. If there's one existing already please forgive the dupe.

    Looking for suggestions for first date recommendations on what to use. I'm very late 50s (let's just call it 60) and my target is early 50s. Meeting for coffee and who knows if it will extend to drinks / dinner / etc.

    While I've dabbled around with mones for awhile I still consider myself a novice in the true sense of the word. Recommendations I've gotten from the crowd in the past have been spot-on and worked well, even though the outcome wasn't what I wanted (for those who recall my "smitten with a kitten" thread). Would definitely would like to stack the deck in my favor for this blind date which is scheduled for Friday, so I've got a little time to mull and think about it. I've got my handy arsenal spelled out in my signature so suggestions along with guesstimates on doses would be a treat.

    Many thanks in advance to those of you who are more experienced in this. In the world we all currently live in I haven't been able to do alot of test flights so this is why I'm leaning on the collective brain trust here.
    My Stash at the moment:
    PXS: APi (ADG); Sprays: Ascend, androstaDIONONE A1 (10mcg/spray), Bliss, XS193M/Boyfriend, Celebrity, Cohesion, Connect, Evolve, Love Boat, SOB, Taboo, Xist 10/30, XS208, XS209, XS210, XS211, XS212, XS213, XS214, XS215, XS216, XS217, Samplers: Comply, Dominent Ascend, Engage, Glow, Happiness, PSE, Thinker, Vibes, XSport
    LAL: BW, A/V, NA
    AD: Corporativo, Glace
    LPMP: TLC 60/40, 90/10, roller
    PTreas: GOA, Capt Oil, THU, Swoon, ETFZ
    Love-Scent: AE, Edge. Chikara gel, Alpha 7, Scented Pheromone Oils, Androstadienone

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