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Pheromone breaks

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  • Pheromone breaks

    So I'm new to the pheromone community and I was wondering how important is it to have rest days or breaks from using pheromones or rather could you use pheromones daily without any problems thank you :3

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    That's a good question! I am relatively new myself so I hope one of the more experienced users answer soon. Welcome!


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      If you feel burnt out, take a break. Some we get used to, some we don't, Most respond to a good scrubbing and a solid night's rest. I have a protein supplement that has TYrosine in it. That will help a bit.

      It really depends on what you are using, The bigger shifts in personality are harder than subtle shifts. I find the biggest burn out with heavy alphas. I did the heavy alphas when I was new, they were tiring but I quickly got used to them. Cohesion can burn me out after a few days. I experiment with the ladies blends to see what it is like if a woman is using pheromones on me. It's happened only a few times but they can leave me bewildered and even weak acting. I tried XIST for Women recently, very strong. It took a couple week break and some alpha pheromones to snap out of it.

      The biggest danger with mones aren't the beta effects unless you are temperamentally depressive. My biggest problem has been the alphas. I hang with some guys that are always acting tough and some alphas make them try to act even tougher. To put it briefly I've lost a lot of friends with heavy alphas both men and women. If you catch yourself acting mean, scrub some off in a washroom. Paper towel and water is enouggh to bring it down a notch. It only takes moments to lose a friend but months and years to make one.

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        I second to this..shit is real

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        This is really good insight. I’m also interested in what you said about Xist/w and would be curious to hear more about how that effected you

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      It depends on your body personally. But ideally, i would rest for 1 or 2 days in a week. This is to recharge your neurotransmitters, refuel your body, avoid buildup, etc.

      I also exercise and drink lots of water. If you can, taking vitamin supplements etc have worked for many from what i heard. I dont necessarily take it though.

      For me, None build up gets me so short tempered, Rone build up gets me hyper, uneasy and unrelaxed.
      A1 build up, dont get me started, Mr Cry Baby all the way.

      Also, normal scrubbing and shower with soap and water works generally for me, but i occasionally used items like Witchhazel, Alchohol rubbing compound, once in a while too.
      Experiment, Experiment, Experiment !!!


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