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Xist + boyfriend mix

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  • Xist + boyfriend mix

    Hi I was curious if anyone has ever tried mixing xist with boyfriend and if it's a good idea to mix them or use them solo thank you :3

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    I never tried it nor am I aware if it would be good or bad.
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      Its never a good idea to mix 2 products when you have no idea what each product does separately.

      Try them out separately for weeks, even months, and only after you have had a good grasp of its effects, should you combo it imho. Otherwise, you will have a hard time mastering and figuring out a product.
      Experiment, Experiment, Experiment !!!


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        I think they are very similar I don't know what benifit would be had mixing them
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        Spray: Xist, Evolve, cohesion, sob


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          I guess its just the curiousity of being a noob (no offence intended at all, we are all noobs after all when starting out our phero adventures).

          That search for the ultimate all in one mix to destroy all other mix, by crazy comboing different mix and ingredients, thinking it would work like basic 2+2=4 equation, when in reality, pheromones equation are just far more complex than just a simple equation.

          I have been there too fyi
          Experiment, Experiment, Experiment !!!


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            Whie tons of XS pheros lend themselves well to combos. I seem to remeber quite a few people coming back and coming to the conclusion that boyfriend worked best on its own. I think a Ccombo or two showed promise but I eventually just decided to go with straight boyfriend when I used it.

            Boyfrind hits like right now but Xist takes a while. I think comboing them would make both a little less effective at what they are trying to do.

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              Originally posted by Muestereate View Post
              Boyfrind hits like right now but Xist takes a while. I think comboing them would make both a little less effective at what they are trying to do.
              Just curious, how long do you think Xist takes to hit from your experience?


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                It really depends on the person and my current relationship with them. 20 minutes for people that like me, (I use the oil), a few weeks for people that hate me. When I'm trying to reset a relationship i usually don't expect anything that day but try to bump into them in 3 or 4 days a week maximum. It may take a few encounters to overcome strong prejudices and even then the hit has just been the slimmest opening/opportunity to try to heal the rift. I'm more congruent with oil, when trying to heal a rift I go slow.

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