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You have to love this guy-mix - Taboo, Ascend, Core

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  • You have to love this guy-mix - Taboo, Ascend, Core

    You have to love this guy-mix -

    Taboo, Ascend, Core - 1½-2 drop wrists and throat, 1-1½ drop back of neck, 1½-2 drop wrists (not same spot) and side neck.

    Note: the drops are from a spray version. I unscrew the sprayer and use the back to smear them on me. Look out that the bottle doesn't fall over.

    Quick hitter.

    Seems to hit 20-30 year hardest, although I also see other ages affected. Specially Asian (also older) and Caucasian women.

    Lots of IOI's. Several women started talking spontaneously to me. (That often is unusual.)

    One smile from me (outside, where I don't wear a face mask), one look at a woman, is enough to trigger more IOI's.

    When I talk to women, they have a hard time to let me go. Several did come up with some reasons to keep me talking.

    When I walk just before women in the shopping street, in a way they walk in my cloud, I noticed they sometimes start to follow that cloud.

    Some experiences from different days:

    A female student (around 18) who was trying to get contributers for Amnesty International, was very clingy. Two hours later I was eating a sandwich on a bench. She walked by and sat down immediately next to me. She steered the conversation in a way that I actively had to refuse a hug. (You know, corona times.)

    In a coffeeshop two Asian women (around 40) did walk by me and sat down 4-5 meters away. They kept on smiling to me. One was wearing a very short dress. She did spread her legs several times, so I could watch under it. This was no mistake, as she looked at me and smiled, during this.

    In an Asian supermarket I walked by slowly at some women (mostly Asian, 20-30,with face mask), looked at them and smiled at them. After five or ten minutes I was standing in an aisle to look for something. When I looked around, several of those women were standing quite close. Some seemed a bit confused, about why they were there.

    In another store I was complaining about a wrongly placed price tag. In no time two workers came to me and explained what went wrong, how this was very awkward, how I could file a complain at the head office. So even a complaining costumer is very wanted with this mix.

    In all other stores I got very good service, everybody was very friendly, I saw several women coming closer, looking at me/checking me out when they thought I was not noticing. In all stores I did wear a face mask.

    Probably the Core can be replaced by some other amplifier. Maybe P96, pregnenolone or something.

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    I forgot one earlier hit, but because of a new hit today I remembered it.

    The homeless also have to like this guy too, apparently.

    Today I passed a homeless person, who was eating outside on a bench. I passed him twice (in and out a store). The second time he initiated eye contact, followed by a big smile to me. Heartwarming.

    The earlier hit was even more blatant. I slowly passed two drinking, older homeless men. (Sometimes I walk slow on purpose, to let the pheromone cloud do it's work.) One of the guys asked me to stop. Curious for what he had to say I stopped. He mentioned that I had very beautiful calves. (I was wearing short pants.) The other guy confirmed.

    ​​In Ikea and the supermarket today I had some following around-women. Coming closer, hanging close by, getting something next to me. While everybody was keeping distance for the virus. Much better service (men and women) then ever there.

    Yesterday I saw a negative side. When I don't smile, people can get intimidated. I was angry yesterday, about some kids-things and spoke to this lady who was taking care of tens of kids. (Some did misbehave, to other, more vulnerable kids. Already for the third time in short time.) ​​​The lady was acting very defensive. She clearly felt attacked. I better had smiled. Next time I will.
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