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XS193: Boyfriend (for the night)

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  • XS193: Boyfriend (for the night)

    I don't write here often but I just got to trying XS193, and man do I have a couple of words to say.

    Firstly I ordered XS193 as the EU store was out of Xist and since XS193 is based off of it... I figured why not.

    I've only had it for one day. I've only tried it for one evening. But I've been playing with mones for quite a while and I can see when a product HITS vs when you have to work a bit, using the mones as a tertiary booster. For example, SOB + Bliss + a little (a lot) of teasing = fun times guaranteed. On the other hand, Love Boat + Evolve = the narrative of the night has to be gently worked into something sexual; it's more effort but has a wider net and less risk.

    I don't know what SteveO's done with this potion, but I can tell you it feels like someone's added +20 to all your stats. More respect? You got it. Need a social lubricant? No you don't, cause your buddy XS193's already made everybody want to hang around you. Found a girl you like, spoke to her, and hope she likes you back? Honey, let her see you speaking to another girl and you'll witness first-hand the intricacies of verbal warfare between two women.

    But enough hyperbole, here's the nitty gritty:

    Post shower, application spots thoroughly exfoliated, scent-free moisturiser applied.

    7:30 AM 2 sprays XS193 to the neck. Cover: Two sprays of Amouage Reflection to the neck
    6:45 PM 1 spray XS193 to the neck; 1 spray XS193 to the wrist. Cover: One spray Amouage Reflection to the neck, and one to the wrist.

    Summary of testing strategy: Two sprays in the morning to see how it goes in my university. Two additional sprays in evening before the pub to see how it fares in more high-octane situations.

    Self effects: Pleasant calmness. Contrast with the calmness of Ascend, which personally I feel is more of a "I've got my shit handled" calmness. Contrast also with the calmness of Bliss, which to me is more happy-go-lucky. The calmness of XS193 is just relaxed and positive, so it feels appropriate for work. I had a lot of writing to do today which I felt no trouble with. Also however, I did not feel like XS193 aided the process. Just put me in a nice mood. The best part is that the pleasant calmness helps your vibe overall; talk about multiplication of effects.

    I won't bore you with every detail but some highlights (DAYTIME):

    Highlight #1: Every, EVERY woman I spent any time near (for example sitting outside having a cigarette, or waiting for lift, or in the queue) invariably shot me a smile. Some smiles were friendly, others were clearly curious, some were devilish. But the point is that everybody smiled, even by turning around in the queue. This level of blatant-ness is not often found in many products. The good part for many of us is that the smiles are effectively an invitation to open. So strangely enough, I find this product blows Approach Confidence out of the water.

    Highlight #2: Some female friends I regularly hangout with were behaving a bit differently. I sleep with one of them casually, and she seemed today to keep quiet more and just look at me appreciatively. It's a nice feeling. It's also very obviously different from her usual chatty self. The real surprise however is the "sarcastic" one of the group. She made a complete fool of herself today around me, making silly voices and being in general much more chatty. The kicker is that she was always checking my reactions; i.e. the antics were aimed at me. Very interesting.

    A few other minor instances (more eye contact in general, lingering, etc) but let's get to NIGHTTIME HIGHLIGHTS! Remember, two extra sprays.

    Highlight #3: The ridiculous selfies. I love the calmness this product has. Ascend was too serious for the pub, SOB without Bliss was bordering on aggressive and moody, Bliss solo was just not killer enough. This juice though. Confident, good-mood, "this is my place and these are my people" vibe. I love it.

    Highlight #4: The period between the open and the hook can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, in my experience. But those few seconds, you gotta work a little. With XS193, I found personally that this period was reduced to just the initial second, where "Hey excuse me" needs to register in her brain. But after that, it really is up to you to steer it. If you like her as a friend, as I did with some women yesterday, it was easy to do that. Something more? Also easy. It's just pliable. I don't know how else to explain it. People like you quicker, and people like you more. The same for guys.

    Highlight #5: This was particularly nice. Chatting to two women on and off at the pub, I knew liked both of them but one was just more my type. But since I am testing, and particularly testing with regards to a comparison to SOB+Bliss for an evening out, I wanted to see how jealousy works with XS193. Long story short, it creates jealousy. Not immediately of course, but with sufficient rapport built up over a little while in the pub, and a clear indication of where it's going, jealousy is on the table. The rapport itself is easy to build up because, hey, XS193 makes that easy. So the use of jealousy is a further advantage of this product. If you're smart enough to diffuse the tension and make the other girl feel not so bad about not going home with you, you've set up two avenues in one stroke (one tonight and potentially the other woman some other time). So that's very nice with this product.

    Some interesting takeaways.

    This is for the ones who don't really want to game too much but enjoy the game.

    With SOB + Bliss, you have to be quick, funny, sarcastic, polarising, a star, a black hole, fire, ice, whatever, all at once. Granted, you'll get involved with some women who you thought were wayyyyyy out of your league, and the virtuous cycle for your entitlement does wonders. But it is work. And the biggest downside for me with SOB + Bliss is that it gets you laid but more often than not, not with the exact woman you want.

    With XS193 however, it just boosts your attractiveness and magnetism such that you generally have a better chance with everybody. Yes, it's a bit generalist in that sense; but if you have decent game, then more likely than not it is easier to get with the woman you like.

    YOU HAVE TO GAME. The thing I found with this product is that it really does live up to its name. I exchanged contact details with several women last night (and as I write this today, quite a few have texted asking to go for a drink, coffee, etc); but then kind of left. So if you want something a little more sexual the same evening, you have to push a little. I found that a nice way to think about it is "how would I act if I had the tiniest spray of SOB under my nose?". Perfect way to go forward. Be careful, it's a bit of a line with this one. You cannot sit back however.

    Of course the most important thing to test now is consistency, which I will continue. These are just my initial impressions.

    Further thoughts

    Adding 5mcg - 7.5mcg of P96 may help but not much. XS193 already has it going on in terms of beautifying.
    Adding 2.5mcg of P75 may be a good idea, to give it a little edge. I always found P75 to be like enone but delightfully balanced.
    Absence, even for a short time, is the name of the game with this one. 15 minutes absence is all it takes to create a clear desire in her, once sufficient rapport is reached.
    Add Evolve? Maybe P75 is better, less complicated.
    5mcg P83 could be good.
    Curious af to see what happens when this is paired with SOB. Its crazy enough to warrant a try. Same for Dominant Ascend.

    Btw this makes you turned on in general. It's nice.

    If you haven't gotten a bottle, I would highly recommend you buy and test it if there is a little space in your budget. I haven't tested it nearly enough to say it's really GOOD, but my initial impression has convinced me that it is worth serious testing and learning.

    I mean seriously SteveO. This shit is fire.

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    HAHA, glad you like it.

    Customs changed their process in BG and have been sitting on our restock for weeks. Silvia is on vacation next week so I can guess it will be released then. Murphy's Law.

    I really need to change the description because I think everyone is confused by the based on XiSt thing. I based it on the results I wanted and not the actual formula so much. Big differences, but hey as long as it worked, and good for you, I guess it don't matter much.

    Steve O

    This is my passion and my goal: to change the world, 1 person at a time, by empowering them with knowledge, know-how and the products that give them the ability to live their dreams.

    A dream or vision is only a pretty picture without the passion and willingness to get your ass kicked chasing after it.

    discoverXS is our adventure story! Thank you for being a part of it

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      Thanks, It is good to know that the formula composition is not anywhere close. I had noticed it didn't combo the same. SteveO is there a molecule or a molecule heavy blend that might help me get the same magic with older women as the young guys are getting with their younger acquaintances? Perhaps anone or a beautifier? My experiments haven't worked and I'm running out.

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        So, interesting day with XS193.

        As per usual, application spots exfoliated, moisturised. 2 sprays XS193 at 6:30 PM; one to the neck and one to the wrist. Cover is Amouage Reflection.

        The wonderful self effects are a double edged sword. I went into today's testing very tired, hungry, generally difficult mood etc. The XS193 did NOT play well with a negative internal feeling like that: the negativity felt highly amplified. It genuinely felt anxiety-inducing. So, it took a lot of coaxing myself to get out of that space in my head. It's not quite like the apathy one gets with A1 (depending on sensitivity). It's more "shit that joint was way too big and now the FBI is definitely closing in on me I can feel them watching".

        I need to be careful with this one.

        A girl who I've been sleeping with often, casually, decided yesterday that it's not ok she feels more attached to me than the other way around. It was quite sad because I like her, but don't want to have a relationship right now. Her words: "I feel pathetic that I keep running after you even when everything we do is only on your terms, I feel pathetic that I feel grateful when you choose to spend any time at all with me". It was a difficult conversation and I think the XS193 was a bit of a factor in her deciding to bring this up, because normally she is super chill about this stuff. She wanted more of a commitment. You named this product very well, @SteveO.

        I did a few approaches just for the sake of testing. As expected from yesterday, XS193 shows up when called into battle. People like you more, and like you quicker. Groups were actually incredibly easy to open, they seemed to open themselves. Overall good results.

        Key takeaways: XS193 requires a good state of mind prior to wearing it. I don't know, maybe "priming" with Bliss an hour or so beforehand might be something to look into. Either way, XS193 seems to "amplify" the existing feelings.


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          What terms do you imagine she would have if you asked her what they were? Maybe she just wants a nice dinner before sex instead of a few of your fries. Ya already said you like her. Maybe just treat her like a person you like?

          Like you wore something to make her your girlfriend, it worked. Grab the brass ring.

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            Muestereate You're right, was a little taken aback I suppose.

            Have anyone experienced this amplification of the existing mood when running XS193? Or is it just me?


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              Yes, it grabbed me too but my conscience kicked in. One was an EX I hit with XIST and some other alphas and another am occasional pizza buddy. My ex had caused me enough pain that I let go of my conscience. But my Pizza buddy wasn't a real prize but when I hit her I had to recognize that, when I put it on I had already come to some peace that if it happens that's cool.

              I got lucky, I was willing but not enough to fight for it. She definitely thought about me as boyfriend material but she was the one that eventually rejected the idea. Made it easier for me but I detect she's pissed. Maybe because I didn't argue with her. Sometimes women can be weird like that. Well often actually. They say one thing and want another. That's why you have to ask. My pizza girl didn't want a relationship because her last one was too clingy. It sounded more casual than I was interested in so I didn't try to change her mind and just let it roll.

              Can't recall more than a moment of anxiety but I can dial that down pretty easy. Not sure about amplifying other moods. Would have to try it again with another pizza girl.

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                Great reviews of 193 in this thread! I’m gonna need to put and test more of this Boyfriend blend
                PXS: Ascend, Cohesion, Evolve, Bliss, Xist, Loveboat, PSE, XSR193(Boyfriend), SOB
                LAL: Aqua Vitae, Nude, Possess, Voodoo, Bad Wolf, DP
                PT: GOA, Swoon, Captain, AOA
                AD: Glace
                Lovescent: NNPA
                Androtics: A314 Rev 32, TUTH


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                  Haha, i'm glad to read other peoples notes on this molecule. Pretty much matches up with a lot of the experiences I have, so i'm glad they're repeatable.

                  The turn on factor isn't as high for me as with other blends, this actually is more of a "I want to take care of you" IMHO.

                  If ascend is too dominant and striking, and xist is too subtle then this is a great middle. I actually like the scent too comparatively.


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                    After a week of testing:

                    I can happily say that at least for me, this product is a hit. Not only that, it's rather comprehensive.

                    What do I mean by that?

                    It means I can shower, apply 1-3 sprays of XS193, and have generally better interactions with people. There is not much input needed from myself; as I said before, it makes people like you more, and it makes people like you quicker. Apply it before a relatively quiet evening out (say, to the pub), and you'd be hard pressed to have a bad interaction. You'll generally have better interactions than "normal", which tends to feed into your "feeling" of the night, which makes you more likeable anyway, and so on. Not so useful in a club setting, I have to say.

                    Alright, the first negative: I find it amplifies my existing emotional state. So if I'm feeling nervous or anxious, this becomes significantly more pronounced after even a single spray of XS193. To counteract this, I find a single spray of Bliss perhaps 20/30 mins beforehand helps. I do find that applying XS193 during a not-great mood, without any Bliss, is almost a guaranteed bad time. I am sensitive to A1 (Crush was a nightmare for me) so I suppose XS193 has a healthy dose of A1 in it too. Be careful with it.

                    Second negative: This is not a ONS product in a club situation. At a pub/bar, sure; but in a high-octane environment like a club, I feel that something more heavy hitting like SOB/Bliss/P96 is a better bet. With XS193 (specifically, I tested 3 sprays at a club, two times) I find that women really want to see you in the following days, and they do follow up on it. The product hits, for sure. But it seems to me like women somewhat "drift away" in a club environment with this product.

                    As for each spray, these were my observations (all to the neck):

                    One spray: No obvious external effects but some self-effects. Whether its positive or negative self-effects depends on your mood pre-application.
                    Two sprays: Some "turn arounds" when a woman walks by you. Opens receive a positive response most of the time.
                    Three sprays: Very chatty interactions, unnecessary hanging-around by them, invitations for further parties, drinks soon, etc. With a bit of decent game, relatively easy to nudge this towards a ONS in a pub/bar context.
                    Four sprays: Not much different from three sprays but I felt myself being quite loops and rather daydreamy. Not good for when work needs to get done but I suppose it's rather pleasant.

                    I only tried two combinations. One spray of Bliss 30 minutes before application of XS193. Very helpful, actually, given my sensitivity to the self-effects of XS193. The other combination was one spray of Ascend followed by two sprays of XS193. This was in a pub. I am not sure if I like it. The most significant change from just XS193 is in the way the interaction proceeds about 30 seconds from the open. With XS193, it's chatty, fun, flirty, etc. With the addition of Ascend, it seems like the standard characteristics shine through: there is an instant deference from the other party. So moving the interaction into a flirty domain takes a bit of effort in terms of adding some comfort to the interaction. This is nice, especially with more "difficult to get" women, but it seems to me that XS193 is a apply-and-forget-about-it product. Adding Ascend seems to complicate that nice simplicity. So I will not generally be using XS193 with Ascend.

                    Overall, however, I am very pleased with XS193. Feels like an excellent standalone product, or perhaps with a little Bliss.


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                      Interesting report, definitely adding this one to my next order. The hits seem consistent in the reports from different users too. Will try it out with some Api and perhaps another social, I think it they would go better together than Ascend and XS193.


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                        Nice report, I'll make sure to try it with Ascend / Bliss


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                          I hadn't considered XS193 before but your posts have me curious!


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                            I don't have time for a field report currently but I can say the following:

                            If you are looking for a one night stand, little bits of withdrawal throughout the night is the name of the game with XS193. Imagine the same thing you'd do with XiSt but condensed into one evening. Go back to your friends for a bit and leave her alone. Let her come and find you. etc, you all know the routine.

                            Additionally, maybe it's just me or perhaps it's anyone who's A1 sensitive, do ensure you are in a good headspace before application. Bliss helps.

                            Finally, just for fun, I ran 2 sprays of Celebrity and 2 sprays of XS193. Honestly, it worked very well but it needed effort, just like Ascend + XS193. What I mean is that with XS193 itself, you can completely relax and let her fall into you, more or less. With the added Celebrity, you need to provide much more comfort and security; and this can be somewhat mentally taxing after you've gotten used to how well XS193 sort of.... lubricates things

                            I'd have to test this with the rest of my collection but as it stands...XS193 is best used by itself.


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