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Why did you start using pheromones? +game/congruent signature

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  • Why did you start using pheromones? +game/congruent signature

    I am just curious to why people honestly started using pheromones in the first place? I have to be honest and say I have always had problems with self confidence and self esteem. I have used pheromones for a long time and have learnt over time that they're not magic and are indeed a tool. I must confess I wrongly use them as a bit of a crutch as they make me feel more confident like there is a safety blanket or a backup helping me when I talk to women.

    Congruent signature and game get mentioned quite a lot but even being quiet and non alpha, pheromones have still given me an edge in lots of circumstances. I still see the blatant IOi's from products such as SOB and Evolve without any game or acting Alpha. In fact just talking to women wearing these products seems to go well but wouldn't really call it game and I'm not acting all Alpha.

    I understand if you act Alpha and have great game then pheromones do fling open doors more blatantly sort of speak but how important would people say that really is? I go to the gym and have improved my physique and bought new clothes and I talk to women if I feel confident enough, just talk about their interests and stuff etc but I rarely get shit testing?? I dont know is what I described game?

    My last question and I dont mean this as critical and links into my first question but if you think you have great game and are Alpha in the first place why did you need pheromones at all? Maybe to increase your attributes? I dont know but would be nice to hear honestly why people bought and wanted to use pheromones in the first place?

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    I wouldn't say things are a crutch, just a help along the way!
    do you think if you weighed 150 kilos spots and greasy hair pheors would help?
    i don't think soo, i think they help what you naturally already have to start with
    if you look good etc and need some pull, they will help!
    as to why i buy them like your first question why do you?
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      I can't really remember WHY I tried them.

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        couse womennnnn

        i remembered i saw something about pheromones so i searched it and eventually got to several forums.
        it seemed very interesting to try and like they might have some potential.
        i was about a month before my first ever trip abroad alone and i wanted it to be very successful, so in my mind i needed all the help i could get.
        well it fucking was, best trip of my life!!


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          Initially? To spruce up a ltr. Looking to add some spice to sexy time.

          Biggest surprise over time? How much more versatile pheros are than that.
          They grease the wheels socially in so many aspects.
          They are great for work in making teams more cohesive.
          Happy employees are more productive than miserable ones.
          Pheromones are quite generally good for making friends and influencing people.

          Yes, they are good for sexy time, lol, and they can create attraction.

          Personally, I have always been outgoing and friendly. The thing that pheros have added is an infectiousness. The happy is transferable. I liken it to pixie dust. If you can transfer comfort, happiness and comraderie to others, it makes everyone's experience more positive - not just my own.

          That's why I keep wearing them. They can change the mood of others in a positive way (at least, that's my personal goal for wearing them).
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            To improve my life.

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              At first out of curiosity, a will to experiment and to see if I could influence others and benefit from the products. When I saw the effects, and started trying different mones, reading up on the forums, I realised pheromones can be used for many purposes, not at all just for alpha enhancement or attraction, but for making many things/relations/situations both easier and more interesting, improving yourself and getting new experiences.
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                I saw some on Amazon and tried it. Then I moved onto the real stuff (psx)
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