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Best pheromone signature for interview with a very relaxed "millenial" startup company

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  • Best pheromone signature for interview with a very relaxed "millenial" startup company

    Although this is my first official post here, I've been a pheromone/neurosteroid enthusiast for 9 years, and after a small hiatus, have hopped back on the horse.

    I have an opportunity to apply for a slam-dunk job, in my circumstance.

    It pays *far* more than anything in the same ballpark, and the work is blindingly easy. It's a very relaxed and social workplace, almost like a feel-good college-dorm atmosphere, while getting over-paid.

    As of this moment, I only have Taboo, Exotica, and Xist, which aren't really up that alley.

    I have roughly $90 to spend on new pheromones and I've been considering API oil to help me crush this interview. I'm just afraid it won't have the *punch* that I could get from a proper combo of two other spray mones.

    Any advice?

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    Perhaps Connections would be a good choice (base), and maybe p96 added to that? I'd stay away from any status blends for a workplace like that especially in the interview stage, maybe even the tiniest bit of odyssey (like 1/4th of the mix max), it's my favourite disinhibitor.

    Imho 3/5ths Connection, 1/5th p96, 1/5th Odyssey


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      API is great but it is pretty mature. I get a lot of male hits with Ascend. I'm older and when I wear Ascend the young guys really accept me and want my company. API is more social and guys respect me but aren't drawn to me. API might be nice once you are in but Ascend in general for work.

      Devin might have a point, They may not want anybody that is great at what they are trying to do and instead want a great party buddy. A spray of celebrity might be all you need. And its cheaper and faster than those slow but potent oils. Vibe might be another party type mone. TBH I haven't used a ton of it and think it takes a bit of a learning curve.

      Do you think it is fun blends for this crowd?

      Creative could be another right kind of blend for this crowd. I am most creative verbally with Ladies fantasy but unisexy connections as Devin mentioned is close.

      But, Limitless is quite a strange blend. It has a disinhibitory type of mindset with endless possibilities unhindered by your normal inhibitions. It doesn't make your mind go a hundred miles an hour, It LET's it. This might work nicely in an interview if it hits the person and they start seeing a lot of new possibilities while you are in their presence. You could link the phenomena to you with a simple, yeah people get creative around me. They either want creativity or they don't. New companies tend to be more openminded.

      It depends on where they want to go and how they want to get there.. It is all the world is your oyster mindset. It doesn't hit very hard but if the right kind of stuff is in front of you impossible things seem nearly in your grasp. All the excuses we hinder our creative mind with never kick in.

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        If you want the buddy vibe you should definitely consider adding p74 in a low dose, it gives that warm friendly feeling. Engage is good if you want good communication, and Connections too. Maybe half a spray of Odyssey if they are openminded people (alpha-androstenol is great for openness but remember Odyssey gets crazy at higher doses, you still want to appear organized at the interview). P96 seems good. Read up on Love Boat too while you're at it, if we're talking friendliness and likeability. And half a spray of Ascend would not harm if buffered with p74, a small drop but not more to seem like the competent guy.


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          Thanks for all the responses!

          The position I'm applying for is more entry-level, so I might avoid the "creative" angle until I need to make upward moves in the company.

          I'm starting to think P74 (an old favorite of mine) and Celebrity could be a good blend. A touch of P74 could prevent any status aversion ("this guy really thinks he's a rockstar huh?"), to make things all around positive, warm, and exciting.


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            Hey btw, Good Luck on the interview

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          Good luck!


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            PheroTropics So how was the interview? Did it work out?


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