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Recently picked up Bliss & Cohesion and my first thoughts on Bliss (more to come!)

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  • Recently picked up Bliss & Cohesion and my first thoughts on Bliss (more to come!)

    Hi pherofam, it's been a minute since I posted but I recently picked up Bliss and Cohesion and would like to give my first thoughts on it after wearing it for 4 days. The setting of these mones have been mostly at my part time work in a restaurant. (I work as a server in a busy Las Vegas restaurant) I also am not the type to research every single pheromone molecule and only possess a general knowledge of none, enone, and rones.

    My first day at work with Xist + bliss. I've consistently been using xist 4/5 days a week and know exactly how to steer it and control self its self effects. In fact, I believe I'm one of the few people that hardly get affected by mones at all, as I've tried Ascend (w/ and w/o cops), XIST, SOB and even cops do not make me feel in any other distinguishable way.

    When I got to work, people definitely seemed to be in better mood and respond well to my comments and jokes. Here's where things get a big interesting. While I appreciated people's carefree attitude in response to Bliss oil, I was starting to get angry at the fact that they were slacking off in their jobs. I felt like I was the only person in the restaurant trying in any way to get s**t done while everyone seemed to lounge out and about. This effect lasted about 2 hours and I no longer felt any self effects from both XIST and Bliss. I've also tried cohesion oil on top of this and also had no discernible effects on my mood. In fact, it sometimes scares me to see people affected extremely heavily by pheromones as it generally does not have much of an effect on me unless I've accidently ODed on them (in which case I get a racing heart and a mild headache)

    Cohesion REALLY seems to have toned down my boss. She seemed to react extremely bad to even XIST (I don't dare use Ascend or any products containing cops) and I really cannot understand why...Maybe the small amounts of androstenone in XIST is even too much for her. But anyways I also did see one of my other male coworker being a bit rageful and aggressive just as I've felt...I'd like to request if others had felt the same way as I had with Bliss as it is one of the few products I've ever had a bad reaction to in the beginning. It seemed like everyone was having a lot of fun around me when theres absolutely nothing to laugh about...It was kind of like being out of place in a nightclub where everyone was drunk and giggly while I was sober after having a bad day...No jokes cracked at me seemed funny either. I'll update everyone after another week using using these two oils but I definitely feel that bliss has no effect in a workplace if you really need to get things done and running smoothly.

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    Feel envy to you, I got a severe reaction to mone usage so I use it with cautions.
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      Hmmm Interesting insight, I just recently started working in a restaurant and taking note of your encounters. Currently testing out different mones and workplace variables myself. Will be looking forward to future updates.
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