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Diffuser bracelet to avoid skin contact and allow quick swaps

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  • Diffuser bracelet to avoid skin contact and allow quick swaps

    Seems most guys apply directly to their skin. That's insane, we don't know what these chemicals do to your body.

    Here's something more sensible. Buy an aromatherapy diffuser bracelet on Etsy. Avoid leather, fabric, and plastic as they're absorbent. Don't get lava stone, buy the locket style. These come with felt or cotton pads to hold and diffuse, and here's where it gets brilliant.

    You can take your pad out and seal it away in a tiny ziplock baggie. You can swap in another pad with something different. Sealed away, your product application can last months. As you walk into a different social situation, you can swap. You can wear something hot for lunch break, and something social at work.

    Why would you not do this?


    1. Buy a locket that rests against your skin, the heat causes diffusion. Don't buy a dangly locket.
    2. Ensure there's room for air to get in and out. Some locket designs are tight.
    3. If needed, quickly clean the inside of the locket with a wipe.
    4. Don't mix product on one pad until you're sure you like the mix. You have two arms, wear two bracelets for testing.
    5. A diffuser necklace is an option for selfies.
    6. If asked about the bracelet or about swapping pads, say that the right aroma sets the mood.
    7. Now you won't carry unwanted product over from yesterday. Your product won't interfere with sleep.

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