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  • XSP88

    Crossposted form Goals thread because we needed an XSP88 thread

    XSp88 Content and Optimistic.

    The optimism was partly because I had a new target I was looking for. It carried over though even though she had the day off. The replacements baristas coffee was weak and pastry presentation were poor but I said to myself she has potential too and wasn't phased.

    I was content and calm, I went to get an oil change and the wait was three hours. My decisions were quick but not rash and without negative emotions over not getting it done. I just politely left and said not today. This is the third time I've worn this and calm in the midst of something that would normally make me a little nervous overshadowed momentary irritations. Another time a young girl showed attraction and I was surprised because she was young but calmed right down too.

    I had a desire to be friendly instead of rude. Accommodating instead of judgmental.

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    Sounds promising.

    ​​​​​​Full bottles: Sport, Celebrity, Innocence, Connections, And Babe, Cohesion, Temptress, Thinker, Fantasy, Psel, Tease, Xist x 2, Odyssey, LoveBoat, Vibe, Madame, Bliss, Summer Daze (XS122), Fairy Tale Limitless, XSP86, Engage, Happiness, Sweetness, Glow, Bitch, XS194, xs189, xs190, xs191, xs193, xs196, xs199, Naked Gun, Mascot, Pencil Thin Mustache and XSP102.

    LPMP: Heart & Soul, Blatant Invitation, Sexology, Sexpionage, Audacious, Levitation, Popularity Potion, LFM, MLH.


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      In general, disagreeableness is a consistent trigger . In a sense, it amplifies the perception of things that disagree with my expectations. Normally things that fly under the radar become apparent. In this sense it could agitate intolerance.

      But this lack of tolerance for lack of better words yet is followed almost instantly by a grand burst of cognitive activity. Sometimes it's almost like a burst of light is going on in the forebrain.

      These rays of light find openings into possibilities. Many products create aggression and fear in the more primitive portions of the brain. When these centers are sparked they run straight into the fight of flight wall. This product doesn't amplify that portion of the brain. It works where our modern brain resides, the problem-solving portions seem to become engaged. instead of walls, it finds openings.

      This will probably benefit from diffusion tech because these triggers don't assail us at predictable times. This lies in wait and then bang, the light bulb leading to optimism. IF there is no trigger it is just calming.

      At one spray I think I've got some burnout. If I am not triggered, the amplifier creates a little anxiousness underneath the calmness and I think I am hungrier too. If I trigger the optimism becomes predominant, if I am not, a bit of stress like cortisol stress starts to creep in.

      It is hard at this point to determine the duration.

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        Continued xsp88 testing. Added one drop Fantasy. Mental breaking through turned physical. Cleaning and laundry and carried over to next day into an early out to the coffee shop, just felt like busting lose.

        In Morning I did one spray 88 to the chest and 2 drops XIST directly on top and mixed for DT. Xist goes with everything but it muted the 88. I had some stick-to-itiveness on the laptop working through a programming book but no significant hits. A couple of polite smiles and that was it. Went to lunch, changed venues. Light hits, married older ladies though. I just nodded and said hello. I wasn't feeling particularly attractive in a loose black thermal top.

        added a half a drop of Dirty primitive and got a little chattiness but in general, my combo had little social mingling value.

        I'm hoping to apply this '88 problem solving' to breaking through social situations instead of just cognitive blocks, hence today's combos. I had no stressors to trigger it even if it was there. down to 1 drop xist before I give up on that direction.

        Worked well with the stenols but not the erones or enones... yet. I tried them because 88 is supposed to be like 93 which is supposed to attract blonds or light Caucasians. AT this point the ethnicity angle might sell but I'm not experiencing it in the Xist combo.

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          Note to self, Flirt and Connections have the stenols like fantasy, SX-9 is suspected ingredients also.

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