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  • Pregnenolone testing

    This is fast becoming one of my favourite single molecules.

    Self effects (sweet spot 25mcg)

    Mood boost
    For me this is by far the best single molecule I have tried for elevating my mood, better then Rone-s or Alpha androstenol.

    I would liken this to having a couple glasses of wine or a few beers but without impacting my motor skills. Just loosens me up, gets me out of my head and into a really social, positive frame of mind.

    Increased social confidence
    It makes me chatty and articulate similar to Alpha androstenol and encourages me to actively look for opportunities to be social with people. If I'm on point then people see me as the funniest guy in the room and center of attention.

    Increased energy and focus
    It is very similar to how caffeine effects me. It gives me bags of energy and kicks my brain Into high gear allowing me to think and respond quicker. It helps me to focus on getting tasks done. If this is not in XSport along with xsr32 then it should be without a doubt. It does burn me out after 4-5 hours above 25mcg but at the end of the day I sleep like a baby.

    When I look In the mirror I can only describe it as a youthful glow.

    Increased sexual endurance
    Speaks for itself

    Effects on others

    I don't get a huge amount of respect from Pregnenolone but I do not feel like it is Beta either. Although it reminds me a lot of Alpha Androstenol, People seem to laugh much more at my jokes and find me very entertaining but do not treat me like the class clown or some kind of court jester like they do with Anol solo. You do have to really work with it to get the best out of it though, if you are with a group of outgoing confident people you need to be on your A game or you will get ignored and others will steal your signature.

    37.5 mcg

    It does​​​ make people very outspoken, so if something is bothering them they won't hide it. An example of this was at a restaurant when our group received poor service and one of the guys I was with completely flipped out at our waitress which was way out of character for him. I also noticed a few occasions of people acting pretty crazy verging on aggressive when drunk but I think this has something to do with it disinhibiting qualities.

    I can't remember going higher then 37.5 mcg but I will report here if I find the need.


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    Muestereate I would love to know how your experiences with pregnenolone compare to mine. Have you tested it solo much?


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      I use it daily, I've run it solo, I run it with everything.
      What are you looking for, I have a little stuff over in my journal thats not here.


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        My daily is now 60 to 80. I have the 20 ug a drop and 3 drops. It seems to give me range. My presence projects. 5 drops have projected the whole way across a restaurant. It was not attractions at that dose though. It seemed nobody would come into the circle unless they had to. 3 is about 12 feet. 4 is about 15, That's as far as i care to project. 4 and 5 drops seems to leave a hole when I walk out of a space. Where people were cautious to enter they follow into the space I left. kinda like sillage.

        I get the alpha androstenol vibe too but the attraction goes away at my doses. I'm projecting a vibe very congruent with who I am comfortable projecting. It's a sort of erone older ivbe. DOn't get close but please go ahead and be comfortable.

        Tonight I mixed with a weird combo and it did ok. 3 drops neno, SOB and XIST 1.5 each. One drop Dirty Primitive, one solid spray desire me + with the beta stenol. I sat in the middle of the room with a date, she was cautious but comfortable as I moved distance in and out. She liked a few feet but was ok with 2. Curious and smiling and civil conversations. I caught the attention of all but one girl as they strolled in with dates and the DJ started.

        Funny thing, I couldn't close to kino distance tonight. Maybe Neno.


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          I can't say I've noticed any increase in range outside the norm but it's not something I've necessarily been looking out for either. Will keep an eye on that in future.


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            I had a "D'oh!" moment when I saw your sweet spot was 25mcgs.
            I've still got a 30ml spray in 30mcgs. Early on I was using 2 sprays. A. Lot. But when I combo with most things now I wear just one.

            What fun! Especially when I started adding it to things and could see how it popped with other blends! What a happy molecule!

            SteveO got me hooked by including it in an order, the 10ml @25mcgs.

            It's NOT subtle.
            I remember the first time I wore it, you know, set it and forget it, then, BAM! I have a normally friendly co-worker chit chatting me up, full on sparkle in his eyes, laughing and having a great time. It was infectious! At first it was the jovial mood, but the joy/sparkle in the eyes is what snapped my attention. Like it gets into your psyche, way in. I joke about being a pixie of pleasantries - Preg is the real deal...

            It's interesting you mention articulate because I often lament losing my awesome vocabulary to pregnancy brain, and have never quite fully recovered it. When I wear this I'm not reaching for words. Even if it's only for the duration of use, I briefly have my mind back fully

            When I'm out again, I'm going for the oil next time.

            And to think, I may have kept overlooking it if it hadn't been for Steve's nudge...


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              I notice Steve sells it in raw powder. Just for the mad scientist in me, I might mix up my own some time soon. I'm getting real good mileage out of the oil so far though. If i just reorder the oil, I guess I'll double the dose because my old age can really suck this up. they sell an oral supplement but even the smallest doseage at 5mg sublingual seems way to high and I'm hooked on the skin anyhow.

              I ran 5 drops, 100 ug on neck and one spray innocence. Yesterday had burnt me out so bad I increased the neno. The innocence dialed down some of the repelling I've experienced at higher doses. I went to the rehab my moms at and the aides and nurses were really eager to help me. I had worked on getting WIFI for my mom, had tried every permutation of usernames and capital letters on the password and finally reached out for more help.

              I think it turned on their thinking caps too. Instead of getting blown off because it was technical, everybody wanted a chance to solve the puzzle. Finally, this young aide says, let me try something. Sometimes I just remember things. here she comes up with an obscure password. Instead of "userguest", her brain comes up with 3001StAnnesWay$#$##! and it works. How do you remember something like that? 6 other people all said the password was userguest. Innocence or Neno is my guess.


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                Infectious is a great way to describe this molecule. In the right setting it's like a party in a bottle. I think the sparkle in the eyes is similar to what I see as a youthful glow, it's like people look brand new. Have you tried pairing it with P86? It's makes a powerful impression on people.

                I'm glad you took the time to share your experiences. I thought it was just me and Mues that where enjoying this molecule.
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                  Muestereate I'm thinking to get the oil next time @25mcg. What is your average dose?
                  Now I kinda have'ta try Innocence and preg together....

                  GHOST no, not just those 2 alone, but stacked on blends with both. No reason not to try them as a team though.

                  Yes! It's good to see people talking about it! I interjected out of excitement here myself...kind of like - Oooooh, Oooooh! Someone made a post about neno!



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                    I'm using 60 every day, every combo. I can carry 80 fine. I wore a hundred today with my SOB and innocence. They seemed to buffer the neno but in a weird way. I've mentioned that at a hundred, people will not enter my bubble without cause. Today I had the sparkle but that invisible wall was gone, at least with the guys.

                    I believe it gives the body the raw materials it needs to balance out our hormones. In fact, this is what it is. what it makes depends on what tissues have it available. It's catabolized in the fat, fascia and liver. When people take it orally, I guess only the liver route is mostly available.
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                      50 ug a drop is the cheapest way to buy it in oil. Sprays more precision, not much difference in price per application. Oil per application goes through the roof at 75 and a hundred though.
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                        Wow! That's a heafty amount often. I was wearing 2 sprays for quite a while with things but now that I've been playing with it I find 1 isis usual plenty (@30mcgs) for the response I want. It's my, "come talk to me" molecule, lol, but it looks like you wear the higher dose to get the opposite affect of "don't talk to me" or at least not unless you're invited?

                        Oh. I''ve been remiss. I had no idea I was balancing my hormones while having all this fun ^_~ so that's great!

                        Hmm, I'm usually looking for the best bargan....I could always split a 50mcg and dilute to 25...thanks for pointing that out


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                          I'm older, I need more balancing. Seriously, I believe that to be the case. I've suspected for several years that my testosterone was low, I was out of balance with estrogen or something like that. I don't have any previous numbers but I feel like I've gotten a boost. Not massive But I don't feel way under. I got some tests. test seems up, cortisol is down and cholesterol is down. those are all good things.
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                            Originally posted by Muestereate View Post
                            I'm older, I need more balancing.

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                          I had a testing thread in the Men's section: I've been assuming you had read it and I was repeating myself. Here's some more notes.

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                            Thanks! I think I ignored it because of the title. Spelling. Probably dismissed it. Oops

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                          My bad on the spelling, I couldn't correct/edit it. I was going to ask someone to edit but I didn't think to disturb them.
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