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  • XSR37

    Hey folks,

    I've been testing XSR37 for some time now, both on its own and in various combinations, and I have a pretty good handle on it at this point.

    What originally intrigued me was the description - a "secret molecule" used by "a well-known vendor"? Like Epiandrosterone but smoother? Nothing could have said P90 more clearly to me - my results seem to confirm this.

    Indeed, it was very much like Epiandrosterone, which before my testing of XSR37 was my overall best-rounded single molecule. It was attractive, atypically sexual, and it garnered respect in its own way, not the fear-based respect of Androsterone, but more a "he's a cool guy" respect. People respect you because you're charismatic, because you fascinate them, because they genuinely like you, not because your presence demands respect. P90 does all this in spades, beating out Epiandrosterone by a good margin. And to think that, hardly a month before, I thought Epi-rone would never be topped. Boy was I wrong...

    There are, however, some key differences between XSR37 and Epiandrosterone. While I do feel XSR37 does everything that Epi-rone does *better* than Epi-rone itself, XSR37 has some strengths of its own, strengths that were barely perceptible with Epi-rone. For one, it's the best buffer of Androsterone I've ever used, taking the spot where previously, P74 reigned high above everything else. Combining the two (12.5mcg XSR37, 25mcg P74) allows me to pull of 4 drops A314 Rev32 with ease, this at just 19 years old. For those who haven't used A314 that high, the vibe is near damned impossible to pull off without some heavy buffering - P74 on its own wasn't even enough, I've found. XSR37 is some real magic to be doing something like this, and to do it so smoothly? Unimaginable before now.

    XSR37 is akin to Beta -nol, if one were to think of Epiandrosterone as Alpha -nol, though the two are much closer together than Alpha and Beta -nol.

    Some of my favorite combinations with XSR37 include:

    2 drops A314 + 12.5mcg XSR37 (A314 Rev32 Superfine Edition )

    4-6 drops APi + 12.5mcg XSR37 (APi Superfine Edition)

    Optional additions include P74 (highly recommended), P96 (also highly recommended), and P83, at 25mcg each, and any combination thereof. I've also had success adding 1 spray of Odyssey and/or 1 spray of Bliss (or 25mcg TAA/Androsterone Sulfate, or 2 sprays of Apex's CORE), and one of my favorites, LAL's Overdose (a droplet-sized application is all that's needed). I've also had some success adding Loveboat at 1-2 sprays (2 sprays, mostly), as well as LAL's Voodoo when I could use it (anywhere from 1 drop, my preferred dose, up to 16 drops).

    Once I use up the whole bottle (about 60% full right now), I'll gladly buy more.

    My last notable observation - I recall a post by tacitus mentioning that P96 smelled similar to Iso E Super. I've noticed a similar, IES-lite smell from XSR37. I expect the entire P9x series from Androtics is closely related to Iso E Super. Unless Steve added some IES in there, yet I don't detect any in Bliss, Evolve, or anything else I've used unscented, so I doubt this very much.

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    I'll be testing a very similar combo (including xsr37, p74, and p83) when my p74 comes in this week, though I don't have any p96 so I'll be trying A1, nols, and est as softeners. I do get A1 side-effects, and the est even at a low dose may be too soft or simply contradict the epi-rone-esque base, but we'll see. Really can't afford to spend more to pick up proper P96 right now (although I have plenty of extra r37 and p83 at high concentration if someone wanted to trade).

    Generally speaking, what have you been targeting/achieving with this? A bunch of hookups, a serious girlfriend, social status, just tons of IOIs?


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      Originally posted by LeadWithTweed View Post
      Generally speaking, what have you been targeting/achieving with this? A bunch of hookups, a serious girlfriend, social status, just tons of IOIs?
      Something that allows me to use A314 at my age without problems (check), as well as a general attractant. I haven't tested it for too long, and as I'm in a small town, there aren't as many suitable targets as I'd like - better testing opportunities should pop up soon enough. For now, I'm impressed enough by the times I've chosen to use XSR37, even on its own.

      What have you found so far with XSR37, LWT? I assume, based on your post, that you have some already.

      And no, low-dose EST should be fine - stick to 2.5-5mcg. It's not as good as P96, but it's close (complements it nicely too, I have to say).


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        Got mine today


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          Originally posted by jit47 View Post
          Got mine today

          Great - be sure to report back, jit47!


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            Originally posted by Ekscentra View Post

            Great - be sure to report back, jit47!
            Will do.


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              Interested in trying this with Ascend.
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                So does this stuff function as a kind of universal enhancer for alpha mixes? Any guidelines for how people are using this?
                Bad Wolf


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                  copy and pasted from my review on pherotruth:

                  I got this molecule to pair with the A314 rev 32 because of Ekscentra's review. I also read how it paired with Captain....but for my first wear, I decided to try it solo.

                  I feel so fucking calm with 1 spray at 12.5 mcgs on. I feel smooth and quick witted like nothing can bother me. Let's say centered too. Like when I do breath work and meditate.

                  Wore it to do some errands and people are drawn to me, but it's subtle and warm. Had some kids come up to me in the store like I was a relative.

                  I didn't see anything sexual. People are helpful Want to engage. It's like not b nol and not a nol, but something in the middle....SteveO has super fast shipping and the very best customer service. He gifted me a bottle of xrs32 and the fireball and taffy taffey was much appreciated.

                  Can't wait to see what it does for A314 which makes me very serious by itself and I get angry fast.


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                    I pulled 37 back out after your post. Indeed it is a nice molecule. I actually tried it with LAL's Wolf and even people that give me a hard time were deferring to me nicely. Girls were interested. Regular epirone makes me easily irritated, None of that here at all. It does seem more like a bnol or 96

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                      Interesting idea because I believe that wolf has epi rone in it already and by adding 37, you still got nice effects. I thought they might be too much together based on a post by ekscentra, but now I may try that combo too.


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                        I'd think the wear is a little different on women than men, but on me it's a little bit magnetic and a LOT approachable.
                        Not sexual, but any word play can lead that way if the other party is attracted...
                        Not really alpha or beta, neutral/peer but respectable.
                        1 spray seems to be sufficient (@12.5).
                        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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