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Has anyone else experienced fatigue???

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  • Has anyone else experienced fatigue???

    Hi everyone, I've been using pheromones off and on for about a month. I've used XiSt, Nude, True Trust, Celebrity, Connections, and a plain mix of androsterone and androstenol. I've noticed that for a few hours I feel great, but after that I crash and I am unbelievably fatigued even with products that do not contain androstenedienone. This doesn't happen every time. Generally after consecutive days of use. I have great intentions and lots to share, but socially I am not where I'd like to be in life. I would really love to use pheromones to change my life and learn though positive feedback. I'd love to hear what others have experienced and how they've gotten around this.

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    I have experienced some fatigue with certain blends. Blends that, for me, feel high energy, often socials. Vibes and Bliss come to mind. It isn't always, but it has been often enough that I take some extra B, C & D vitamins when I wear them often or on consecutive days. I haven't had an actual crash, more like at the end of the day I'm more tired or will perhaps sleep longer than normal.
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      It may pass. In the beginning, LAL alphas knocked me for a loop but I got used to it. I can get a little spent with blends that contain A-Thdoc too. I have a protein drink with tons of extra enzymes in it. It's a bit expensive like supplents can be but it works. Tyrosine is what I look for on ingredients.

      Instead, try washing off before bed. I find that an uninterrupted nights sleep is all I need. If I put them on for evening wear, I often wipe them down with a damp cloth to get the majority off my skin. I rarely use solvents like witch hazel or alcohol these days.


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        It's not uncommon for them to cause fatigue especially if you're missing something in your diet. Try a good multivitamin a lot of times just that will do the trick.
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          I did. To begin with, but not anymore.

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            In my experience, a lack of vitamins causes fatigue. Or if I use too much pheromone. After od or ghost effects, I was often tired. how much (spray / drop) did you use the products?


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              Nols make me crash, also EST.


              • Muestereate
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                If combined with Bnols est at 40-60 knocks me out. That's way to much for a man to wear out but it's a number for ya

              • NuTrix
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                Thank you.
                I know without proper buffering it makes me overly emotional. I'll have to take note for fatigue in the future...curious

              • Muestereate
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                its kind of hypnotic on me. I combine it with thinker for meditation but that is a SORT Of Knockout

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              I was very tired on a couple of ocasions, not fullblown crash though. This was at the start of my mone journey. I think it was the high none products that does that to me, cant explicitly remember it now.

              But these days, i usually dont experience fatigue and tiredness anymore.
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                Recently I've gone weeks without pheromones to give myself a reset and have noticed crashes on the days I do wear pheros. It takes a solid 5-6 hours for the crash to hit though and can be countered by reapplying
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                  Yes, I use a lot for self-effects, and it's a lot like drinking a bunch of coffee. When the phero-high wears off, I do get a bit of a crash, depending on how much I've used and other factors. But also the crash is actually helpful because it helps me sleep more deeply (same with caffeine crashes). I used to take breaks sometimes to lower my tolerance from pheromones (like I do with caffeine and other stimulants), but I've actually not done one of those breaks for probably over 2 years now. There have been moments when I don't wear pheromones, and it's like I feel naked, it's a strange feeling without. Strange to admit lol.

                  As far as managing the phero-crash I try to time it so it makes sense to fall asleep, etc. But I also re-apply often, and try to use counteracting products. Like Bliss + Ascend, SOB + Bliss, API + XSport etc. Even though Cohesion is amazing, it makes me crash more than others, so I use it less frequently. Same with Boyfriend and Xist... both also excellent products, but just avoid them because of the low-energy I seem to get. Although I use so many products primarily for self-effects, for others, I truly wish there was a way to avoid the self-effects entirely.

                  XSport, Limitless are ones that I occassionally also spray on a tissue and dab under my nose (or Ascend oil) to reduce the 'crash' effects of Cohesion/Bliss.


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                    I didn't knows about the pheros scientific ingredients, it makes me confused most of the time even after reading hundred of reviews, just couldn't grab it yet.

                    Just sharing my experience, as I do sometimes ​suffered crush with few pheromones products that makes me feel sleepy and tired after couple of minutes putting it on. One of the product I tried last times make my head feels heavy almost like a minor migraine. I have to push myself harder and struggling to overcome the crash feeling. With Ascend XS, gladly I didn't feels any fatigue or any sort of headaches, yet !


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