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Hax holy grail caution!!!

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  • Hax holy grail caution!!!

    Yesterday I received a bottle of Holy Grail spray from HAX . XiSt was already on my chest ( as usually at work - 2 sprays) and I try to find how HG works. 2 sprays on my neck...
    The result hasn't kept itself waiting. Already in about 5 minutes I have begun to yawn! To yawn! It was at a lecture which I gave! It was awful! About any involvement of women there was no speech. If only not to fall asleep. Several minutes later I have understood it not to stop. I have interrupted a lecture and I have run to wash away it. Thank God I was at a lecture but not driving... Also I have begun to test a set from three oils from the same vendor I Have applied all three at once and have gained very cool effects for myself. I have already found out that it not from x22 which all praise - as to me seemed it in general very weak. So it or c4 or m512. Today I will finish tests and I will write in more detail
    PheromoneXS : Oils - Xist, Evolve,Cohesion,Accend(w/c),Taboo,A1(12,5),Love Boat
    Sprays - XiSt, Love boat, SOB, Connections, Exotica, Flirt,Vibes,Crush,Odyssey,Thinker,Barely legal
    LaL: Bad Wolf,Aqua Vitae, Voodoo, T-150,Nude Alpha, Possess, Possess Alpha
    PT: GoA,Treasureful shine
    Lacroy: NNPA
    HAX: X22,C4,M512,Holy Grail
    Alpha Dream: AM
    TruePheromones: ALL

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    Thank you for starting this thread

    You can use our search engine to find other topics on this product. I can't say I remember reading any but please do

    I hope one of the guys come along soon to share their feedback on this product


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      Sasharana I found Holy Grail to produce unreliable results. Also I felt scatter brained. I felt weird. I disliked it.


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        Same here the self effects reminds me of being a bit drunk can't concentrate on 1 thing


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          A lot of times when a new blend makes you tired, what's really happening is the blend is firing more synopsis in your brain than you're used to. This used to happen to me when I was testing putatives at high dosages. I overcame this by upping my nootropic stack to get better rest at night and to be more alert during the day.

          Don't want to get into all the nootropic hype? Try Bulletproof coffee by using ghee and coconut oil with a cup of coffee blended in a magic bullet. Great energy and focus throughout the day.

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            Do you think that could have something to do with A1 lethargy? Not necessarily depression but nootropic burnout?


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              That makes sense but I will definitely try some ghee and coconut oil and let you know outcome


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                Its my opinion its because of Copulins. If you are not used to them it might take a while for your brain to adjust. I had no problems with Holy Grail but when I first used Copulins I was out of myself. Remember Copulins are a natures drug of women to control men, so if you feel weird its because of that.


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