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  • Hypnotica from LAL

    So I ordered this through Aroma Fero actually. Just lazy I guess. I didn't want to do the back and forth with Amazon and Gary and, well, those of you who know, know.
    I ordered a couple products from Aroma Fero and put Hypnotica in the basket as well to try. Well. I liked Voodoo so much I did actually get the 30ml of Hypnotica, so I really hope I like it
    It's due to arrive Friday sometime so if I don't test over the weekend, I will have next week for sure.

    In the meantime, any thoughts from anyone on this?
    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~

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    Just used 4 drops today, I use it about once a month I say. It is a light friendly social, smooth comes to mind, Watered down compared to XS stuff but you have a 30 ml and not 10.

    It has no scent so it would be easy to up the dose. I seem to recall 6 drops had me ready to buy a few more bottles but ti took that much to make me go wow. Combos well with the erone families. Just an odd thought, Its a little like Wolf without the masculine thing going on.

    I went to get tires today and wore 1.5 api and 4 drops Hypnotica. As I was ready to seal the deal I noticed they had the wrong size tires on the invoice. They told me that was the only size they were allowed to sell me. They had a "policy" to only put on the tires that are on the tag inside the door. It was only 8 bucks more but I had never had the size tires they were wanting and the tires I already had on I bought their off of them, and it just didn't make sense. I got a little triggered when they shoved the company policy down my throat. I was starting to try on my Law Suit I admit.

    Despite my irritation, I asked to see the store policy. I had flirted with the manager 5 minutes prior and established rapport with the service rep but I know I had some tension in my voice while I struggled mentally to find counters to typical Walmart bullying I had experienced in the past. Walmart auto has good prices but they are 100 percent about covering their ass first, respect for the customer is way down on the list of priorities and servicing your car properly is even lower. They install parts they sell only if the mood suits them and it's easy without complications.

    I went out to check my tags and owners manual and found he had read the tag wrong. Now here is the brighter side of this combo. I nicely asked Robert to take a second look, nicely asked him to look closely because I understood the printing was upside down. I asked him nicely if he would be able to get me the correct tires even though the boss was already involved and he swallowed any pride and we got good with each other. Hypnotica was smooth, I was not bullying him back but smoothly leading him towards resolution.

    While I was waiting, he came and took lunch with me and we had some fun trucker talk. I asked again if my tone was too stiff and we were good. No bullying, No "COMPLY or Else", just smooth and friendly working something out. This was Hypnotica, barely-there like a drop of oil and not a big glob of grease or a sledge hammer.

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      Muestereate Thank you! You are the second person to mention going higher with the dosing. Beginning to see already the 30ml was the better choice, lol.

      I love APi too...

      Glad you didn't have to arm wrestle for anything
      You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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        Preliminary, tentative first impressions.
        Applied liberally...
        x6, forearms.
        Evening at home with family.
        I may have to dial back, lol.
        Daughter, 3ish, became positively giddy. I was her focus. She was completely glued to me, following me everywhere, in my lap when I was sitting, up my butt when I was walking throughout the house I mean, I'm glad she was in a good mood and lovin' on me, but I will definitely dial back because she was highly affected.
        Mr's mood improved as well. Not that he was in a bad one to begin with, but he began being playful and handsy and was participting in lil Nu's happy-happy-joy-joy and while he didnt follow me all over the house, whenever I was near, he was touching me or reaching for me.
        Self. Improved mood, playful.
        Seems " infectious" in it's playful qualities, talk, interaction, touch. This is only with family. I have yet to wear it out in the wild...
        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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          From my journal:

          x6 drops Hypnotica Social (LAL), x2 Goddess inner elbows, covered with Guerlain, Mon
          With Mr and lil Nu

          OH. MY. WOW.

          So I applied the Hypnotica liberally, lol, and the combo had me happy! For the first half hour I was pretty normal for me, good mood. Mr and lil Nu also in good spirits, but nothing crazy...until we left the house and were pent up in the car together. Turn on the playful and animation please! Everyone is interacting, including toddler from the back seat, lol.
          Ran some errands and went to a playground where two other little girls (toddlers lil Nu's age, twins) befriended lil Nu but also wanted me to play too hahaha! Their mom struck up convo with us and even shared some personal info which surprised me quite a bit.
          While out and about shopping I noticed a magnetic quality? People seemed drawn to us. People passing by when they weren't even anywhere near in our way were saying excuse me as they passed.
          Checking out at the self checkout, 2 employees went out of their way to strike up conversation and enthusiastically wished us a good afternoon. At a food court, after we paid for our items and were walking away, the girl (teen) called after us to have a nice weekend.
          Ran into family at grocery store and had a good convo. As we talked, my niece's mood seemed to visibly become more animated and light. Mr seems to think her hubby is crushing on me...not even going there!lol!
          I totally got some seriously happy selfies off this combo. There was still the respect aspect of Goddess working in the background, but the Hypnotica blew the approachability factor out of the water. People positively lit up around us today, where with Goddess alone there is more of a waiting for permission to interact. Some of the interaction was me initiating as well. Because my mood was so up it seemed easily infectious to others and, once they were hit by my phero cloud, they were perfectly willing to reciprocate.
          This was a very fun combo, and I'm glad I took my vitamins Good vibes and energy all day!

          You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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