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I hate car dealers

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  • I hate car dealers

    I was on a business trip and also looking for a new ride. I found what I have been looking for and I have been looking for 8 months. I rented a car and drove the 90 mins to the dealership to look at the car. I made an offer, they counter offered and I accepted. Made a handshake deal and told them I would call the next day after lunch to arrange payment. Had to haul ass back another 90 mins to make a flight. I called the next day to setup payment and delivery. The salesman gets my email to start preparing the docs. He calls me back 2 hrs later and the car that had been supsodly marked sold and being prepped for delivery had been sold that morning Can you say I am a little pissed or maybe a lot after having a car sold out from under me. All that time and effort wasted not mention this particular car doesn’t come up for sale very often. I have had a grand total of two that fit the bill in the past year.

    I fucking hate car dealers.

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