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Trouble with customs

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  • Trouble with customs

    My last shipment was retained at customs for over a month. Normally I forward packages from Miami to my country, and then let the forwarding company deal with customs processing. This time around they were stonewalled by customs, which forced me to find my way through a bureaucratic maze in an effort to liberate the package (including a number of health permits).

    I definitely don't fault PXS at all because this could happen with any seller... I guess the customs officer was simply having a bad day because this has strangely never happened before.

    Anyone else have issues with customs in their country?

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    sucks but sometimes I look at my own stuff and wonder if any red flags go off even domestically.

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      My pheromones packages never get held by my country customs or inspected for tax with first class mail. Someone told me if I ship with the cheapest option like first class mail then it must have no value on the items and customs usually pass on the inspection.

      I use forwarding companies for other items I purchase on Amazon however and yes sometimes it takes forever. For my country, I think most forwarding companies pay under the table for each cargo container. I once waited for a year for my item to arrive because they didn't want to get caught.


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        Though its none of my business, I have to wonder what it was, and forwarding companies, tell me more. I want some fancy marijuana seeds. Medicinal hobby of course.

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      When it comes to international packages we provide all the documents all signed and abide by all shipping laws. All documents are specific to the international country we are shipping to. On our end we ensure we do everything we can

      Most times, the packages are delivered and everything goes smoothly. Other times, there may be an over zealous custom officer who would just ask you to come down to collect your package because they want to ask you some questions.

      When you track your package and you see anything that seems weird or you have some concerns. I advise all international clients to contact their local post office right away for more information. Sure, we would love to contact USPS for you but remember, if the package is already in your country , the post office here has to contact the PO in your country for more updates. It makes more sense to just cut off the middle man and directly contact your local post office in your country.

      In addition, we may spend over an hour on the phone with USPS here before we even get an agent.

      Remember, if you already contacted your local post office or customs and need further help, email me using


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        Muestereate These forwarding companies still cannot import/export anything illegal of course. Marijuana is illegal in my country so they cannot forward it.

        My item that I waited was just a pair of shoes. That year, my country got coup and all ports were inspected heavily. Like I said that these companies pay under the table for each container so the packages aren’t inspected for customs and get taxed individually (if taxed, it can go as high as 70% of the inspected value but normally around 30% plus VAT on top). They tell customers they help with import tax clearance and charge only for weights but in reality, they actually skip the process.

        I know one way they avoid inspection is to load off their containers at closest port in other countries nearby and wait untill the ports are free again. I believe if they get caught in inspection, the whole container is then let loose by these companies. I don’t think they’ll pay import taxes when they can’t get the additional fund from customers besides weights.


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          I personally have never encountered any of my packages withheld or charged additional taxes. Sometimes, it just depends on the Custom officer i guess.


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            I had heard that some seeds could be bought. it's becoming legal to use for medicinal and in some states for recreational. The regulations require millions of dollars just for permits. They charge my mother way too much. To me, it's becoming a gray area but probably not to the forwarding companies.

            I'd like to get some Lab apparatus for pheromones, some of that might be used to extract different products from hemp.

            I used to make my own wine, We are allowed to make 200 gallons a year for personal consumption. I think I'll write my legislature and see about a personal use clause. I have no idea how much I would have to grow for a 93 year old but a million bucks for permits to grow a dozen plants is out of line.

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              Yeah I hate customs there the worst
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                I didn't bring my pheromones to London with me just because I was just so afraid that they might take it out of my luggage (whether carry on or not) and throw it away. Has anyone successful traveled with them?
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