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    Would be interested in ur sales next time. Can you dhip to India via USPS?


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      Originally posted by Pheroboss View Post
      Would be interested in ur sales next time. Can you dhip to India via USPS?
      I'm wrong
      as I have understood if there is coverage for the world usps, maybe I'm wrong


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        I have for sale Pheromone Treasure's "Treasureful Shine" and "Aura of Amity." Both are unscented and come in 30ml bottles. I've used each product sparingly--I doubt more than 3-4 sprays from either bottle. There is a tad more in AoA. You can see the fluid lines in the picture below.

        I'm asking $32 for each bottle. The price includes shipping. I'll sell them together for $60 (includes shipping). Lower 48 only!


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          Would anyone be interested in buying rare/old Androtics products?

          I have a bunch of left over Androtics Direct products from the 2006-2011 period before things turned sour that quite frankly I won't have time to test/use anymore now that I'm married and PXS products are great with my wife. I am not 100% sure I want to part with all of these (especially the rare A314 oil I have) but I am seeing if there is interest and for the right price I may part with them. Name me an offer and I'll let you know my thoughts.

          Disclaimer: ALL products were kept out of sunlight (in a dark box) and out of direct heat (never kept in the car). Average temperature experienced was 60-80 degrees fahrenheit (typical home) so they should be well preserved. For about 3 years during college some of these products were kept in a fridge 24/7 to preserve them better as I was using MX297 soley during that time and did not need these products. So they should be well preserved.

          The List:

          SOLD - A314 Oil - Roughly 5 ml left, no revision number, was bought sometime in the 2006-2008 period. One of the "good" ones
          AMMO for him, version 1.0 - 7 ml
          Instant Shine - 23 ml
          Instant Gentleman - 5 ml
          Instant Jerk - 3-5 ml
          Come Talk To Me 2 - 20 ml
          TUTH Version 1, 2.5 mcg/spray - 4 ml
          TUTH Version 1.1, 2.5 mcg/spray - 4.5 ml
          TUTH Version 1.0, 5 mcg/spray - 4.5 ml
          P74 - 22.50 ml at 5 mcg/spray
          P83 - 15 ml at 5 mcg/spray
          P93 - 1.50 ml at 50 mcg/spray
          P100 - 4 ml at 5 mcg/spray
          Spaceland - 2.5 ml
          Instant Honesty Version 1.1 1x Concentration - 10 ml
          Instant Honesty Version 1.1 4x Concentration - 2 ml
          Instant Openness Version 1.0 1x Concentration - 2 ml
          MX 297 - maybe half of 1 ml left
          MX 272 - turned yellow over time probably because of the carrier oil - 2 ml
          MX 291 - turned yellow over time probably because of the carrier oil - 4.5 ml
          Mostly unused pre-release Lip Magnet lip balm may have gone bad (smells bad now) but good history right here when AD was experimenting with other products (not sure about what pheromone contents it has)

          Let me know!
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          PXS Product Content Spreadsheet:
          Sprays: Bliss, SOB, Xist, Taboo, Evolve, Cohesion, Dominant Ascend, Exotica, Ascend (with and without cops), Limitless
          Oils: Xist, Cohesion, Desire Me for Men, Massage Oil for Men
          Samples: SOB, Crush, Bliss, Evolve, Thinker, Odyssey, Vibe, Flirt, Barely Legal, Celebrity
          AMMO (1.0), IS, IG, IJ, IH, IO, CTTM 2, TUTH (1.0 and 1.1), p74, p83, p93, p100, Spaceland, MX 297, MX 272, MX 291, Lip Magnet


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            Hi Everyone,

            I've had to stop wearing most of my pheromones for sensitivity reasons. I'm still able to wear my two favorites, fortunately - but everything else must go. I'm selling the list below as a batch for $65 with free shipping. I'm willing to consider breaking up the lot, just send me a PM.

            XistW -- 2 full 10ml bottles
            Bliss -- 10ml full bottle
            Tease 10ml bottle, about half full
            Samples of Crush and Temptress


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              Anyone got any current offers?


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                Androtics will be temporarily closing down and I expect a few of their products to be missed as they reboot.
                I have some Androtics Product I am willing to trade for some XS products (preferably oil).
                I'll also accept 30mL bottles of sprays..

                I want Cohesion Oil, Xist Oil, Connections Oil, also I'm accepting XSP96. I also would accept some TAC in oil or spray.
                PM me with your offers.


                -1 Full Unused 30mL Neroli Instant Shine
                -1 3/4 Full 30mL Neroli Instant Shine
                -1 Full Unused 30mL Neroli Turn Up the Heat
                -3 Full Unused A314 Young Edition Oil
                -2 Full Unused A314 Classic Stealth Oil (Rev. 32)
                -2 Full Unused 30mL P86 2.5mcg Neroli
                -1 TAA Oil 4/5 Full

                I have more, but these are all what I know from memory.


                • KateD
                  KateD commented
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                  Temp closing down?

                • Prettyrickyboi
                  Prettyrickyboi commented
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                  Yes, They will rebooting as Androtics Lab.
                  With hefty discounts for few old forum members such as myself.
                  Quite honestly I'm not sure if their products will be open for the public to buy anymore.

              Ad down