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  • Pay by bitcoin

    Ive been paying for my orders on here with bitcoin as there is an option to do so and it made me wonder if anyone else here was into bitcoin? Ive done pretty well out of them over the last 2 years and also hold other digital currencies. Its my experiance when a site has btc as a payment option it is usually because people requested it or that ilk of people interested in that type of product have some crossover with bitcoin.

    Does anyone else here pay by btc or is it just me?

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    i still don't, but having placed my first order by credit card, i got a tax bite of over 10% and will certainly be considering that option for the next time!


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      you are correct. Allot of people requested it
      and since we do Trust in BTC
      Click image for larger version  Name:	pheromone_bitcoins.jpg Views:	2 Size:	76.5 KB ID:	50183

      we made this option available.

      Uppon purchase you will get a link to put your order id and order total in USD

      after this point you will have a lock on the current exchange rate of BTC <-> USD
      so for the next 10 min ... You dont have to worry about Exchange rate(if it drops or goes up).. it wont affect your btc transaction.
      If you pay in those 10 min then your order is complete.

      You just need to wait for our staff to confirm the transaction. (it takes no more than 1-12 hours .. depending on the time you did this)
      As soon as it confirms your order will ship out the same day.

      sorry to hear this bud..
      but yeah. thats banking... some international banks (and "unusual" cards) do charge a fee for converting your local curency to the designated one (USD for our US store or Euros for our EU store for example(or any amazon.com etc store that charge in different currency than your local)).
      We do not control that fee and that fee ... wow 10 %.... thats really high.
      Visa and master card do have 1-2% maximum on far away countries (depending on your contract with the bank)
      But 10% thats to much Vinko ... and thats not normal.

      From our end... if you pay with a Credit Card, Paypal or BTC etc... you wont get any additional fees from our card processor
      Please check the terms and service of your bank as some do charge insanely large % for normal transactions (gift cards, pre-paid cards, virtual cards... or any service that is just not usual banking service)

      We do out best to provide the best checkout experience out there...

      So do contact us with more details (what country are you from ... etc)
      over our ticket platform and we will be happy to provide some feedback and suggestions

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        yes, unfortunately it s true!

        but ok, at least that makes me want to learn how to handle an e wallet for the first time!


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        thank you, idle!

        appreciate your advice, and by the time i place my next order, i ll be asking you about the best options available then - if you don't mind!


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          Online walllets are okay for a small amount if you want to have easy access, I have a trezor in the safe with most of my stash on though


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            I'm using Freewallet. The time when web wallets were unreliable has passed. Now wallets are available on all platforms (including android, iOs).


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              It's more about safety than reliability. Hot wallets are the most vulnerable to hacking.
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                For any Canadians out there, I can really vouch for bitbuy. I have been using them with no problems so far and they make it so simple to use.

                PS. I am not getting paid to write this post

                But yea I've only recently started using crypto to pay with things and only used Ethereum and it takes sometimes up to 40 minutes to send the money over. I wonder if Bitcoin is the same?


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                  thanks for sharing your feedback

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                i got a tax bite of over 10%


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                  I like to keep up with the times and change btc to trx. I was curious about cryptocurrencies from a technical point of view: it was interesting to know how the blockchain works, how the transaction takes place, what vulnerabilities can be, and how the emerging problems are solved. Besides, I support the idea itself, when the system is not controlled by anyone and at the same time controlled by everyone.


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