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    For those of you who are new and who haven't realized this as yet. We love our community and it is so valuable to us that we started a program that allows our members to earn HUGE discounts for as long as our doors are open by just participating on the forum. I included the link below for any guests and newbies reading who might not be aware.


    I usually update the store accounts to reflect the level you are and the discount at the beginning of the month. Feel free to PM me if you don't see your discount or anything related to the lifetime discounts.

    This post count thread is for you to answer this question.

    If you were a Pheromone, what pheromone/pheromones would you be and why. You can use multiple posts for this. One to say what pheromone, another to explain why.

    I will start first. With such a large variety of products I was like hmmm, how do I go about doing this. First, I said let me go back to my main goals in life and what matters to me the most. So, I had to figure out my goal. (link below about our goals system for newbies/guests)


    My main goal in life is for PEACE. I may not always achieve this because I tend to be hasty, hot tempered but I am really a selfless person at heart and tend to attract a lot of selfish person as a result. I am very good at managing my home and handling a lot of responsibilities.

    If I was a pheromone I would be a mix of Temptress XS/ Thinker XS & Cohesion XS

    Okaaay ladies and gents, YOUR TURN!!!

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    XS170 + Evolve
    Evolve, Taboo, Love Boat, Xist, Cohesion, Crush, Dominant Ascend


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      I'd be babe. Lil bit of status, yet you want to take care of me.


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        KateD We love youuuuuuuuuuuu!
        Well i cannot say what pheromone combo i am but i can say that i am not Cohesion or Bliss at all


        • KateD
          KateD commented
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          I guess the opp of that, ahahah

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        Well i would say Thinker, that's all i do, have crazy thoughts and ideas running through my head all day.
        XSPerfumes 10ml Sprays Comply,Sexy Confidence,Bitch, Celebrity, Babe,XSential Body Spray for women, P86, P114,P106,Mascot,Engage,BNOL,Sweetness,EST, Tease,Odyssey,Temptress,Flirt,Fairytale,Girlfriend ,Sleaze

        Oils: Fantasy,Copulin,Connections,DesireMe,Xist

        Scented LPMP : Cuddle Bunny, Lumina, LFM, Bang, SS4W, Cougar
        OCCO: Red, Gold, Pink, Blue, Cherry Tabac, Lam, Phero Girl
        Butter Scotch


        • KateD
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        Ok. Let's see.
        I'm joyful. I'm a peacemaker. I'm a problem solver and look for patterns in things. I'm a nurturer, but very independent, self assured and love being a woman. I often live in the moment.

        I'm Mascot at heart with Cohesion, Thinker/Limitless/xsr32, Goddess and Vibe!

        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


        • KateD
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          You are a super duper blend aren't you, ahhhaah

        • NuTrix
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          I'm multifaceted

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        If I were a pheromone, I'd be... hmm, great question.

        I think I'd be Comply. Surprisingly enough, the blend I rarely wear.

        I seem to have an easy to getting some people to do what I want them to do.

        For example, we have a new Director and I told her about my anxiety... and because I was vulnerable with her (and she also has experience with anxiety), I think we are no longer doing this thing where we go around the table to share what we're working on. Instead, everyone is going to be writing down what they're working on in a document and they're expected to read it on their own time. She's new and I already like her more than my own manager.

        So, yeah... Comply!
        Full Bottles: Tease, Sweetness, Fairytale, Goddess, Babe, Celebrity, Cohesion, Vibe, Connections (x2), Sexy Confidence, Outspoken, Desire Me+, Happiness, Fantasy, Limitless, Mascot, Xist, Thinker, Madame, DHEAS, xs196/Girlfriend (x2), Love Boat, Comply (x2), xs194/InBetween, Bliss, Innocence, Flirt, xs130/Status, Engage, xs189, xs190, xs191, xsr46, xsr68, P82, P83, P86, P96

        Samples: xSport, Glow, Outspoken, Temptress, Happiness, Odyssey, Innocence, Mascot


        • KateD
          KateD commented
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          Nice. Why do you rarely wear comply?

      • #8
        I would be a Thinker + Cohesion type
        Alpha Dream: Glace, Alfa Maschio
        Pheremone XS: A1 (50 mcg), Bliss, Vibe, Xist, Exotica, Love Boat, Flirt, Ascend, Dominant Ascend, Connections, Cohesion, Celebrity, Evolve Spray, Taboo, APi, Thinker, XS144 Outspoken, Approach Confidence, Limitless, Evolve oil, Taboo oil, SOB, Odyssey, Happy, XS155 Social Lube
        Love Scent: Chikara gel packs
        AD: P83, IS (10mcg/spray), TAC
        LAL: Nude Alpha
        Orange Font = Sample Bottles


        • #9
          Xs194 + Psel.

          Hmm, I am not sure I have tried that combination yet.

          ??????Full bottles: Sport, Celebrity, Innocence, Connections, And Babe, Cohesion, Temptress, Thinker, Fantasy, Psel, Tease, Xist x 2, Odyssey, LoveBoat, Vibe, Madame, Bliss, Summer Daze (XS122), Fairy Tale Limitless, XSP86, Engage, Happiness, Sweetness, Glow, Bitch, XS194, xs189, xs190, xs191, xs193, xs196, xs199, Naked Gun, Mascot, Pencil Thin Mustache and XSP102, Goddess, Api. DM oil.

          LPMP: Heart & Soul, Lumina, Cougar, MLH, Blatant Invitation, Sexology, Sexpionage, Audacious, Levitation, Popularity Potion, LFM, LFN, True Confession, Empathy.


          • NuTrix
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