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Who knows you use pheromones?

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  • Who knows you use pheromones?

    I'm just curious, especially those in commited relationships. I kinda have this fantasy of meeting a really fun woman who sees pheromones as I bet most women see their wardrobe & makeup. We'd just have fun being as attractive to each other as we possibly could, not letting the "spark" die out. Maybe one day having some kids and if they have problems dating, or making friends I could at least begin to point them in the right direction.
    If you got a significant other while wearing a product, would you say something or take it to the grave?
    If your kid was having trouble dating, would you tell your kid? How about if your buddy is going through a dry spell after a long relationship?

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    My family does. They always see me going into my drawer and looking for a combo to where for the day. Once my grandma even extended her arm to spray Sweetness on her too, lol. My mom seemed to be scared of them and while she used to let me put them on her, she's stopped letting me. My sisters let me put mones on them as well.

    I had a friend who knew I used pheromones but she didn't believe they worked. I actually stopped talking about them to her. I didn't need anyone professing that negative over my life.
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      Except the community? No one does because some people could feel I would manipulate them even if they don't believe in pheromones and I simply want to avoid that.
      Most of the time I use pheromones in work settings so I don't want them to know


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