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O rings on bottles?

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  • O rings on bottles?

    Maybe it would be a good idea to add some O rings to bottles after filling them? I know it's not just me who's had an issue with spillage. I've never lost more than 1/4th (other than an entire sample once). Seems like a pretty inexpensive way to prevent the spillage that seems to happen a lot, and they should be less than a few cents each.

    Something like this

    On an unrelated note, how many ml are the sample bottles, around 2ml?

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    They hold 1.82 ml. I would think they put in at least an ml or 1.5 max, that's like 4 bucks worth at retail but they are often higher but as you say. I usually get a bit of evaporation on 1 of them. We do have a thread on travel sprayers and even on the expensive travel portables, there is leakage. Oncearound found a nice travel sprayer he's happy with.

    My guess is that the only way to get zero leakage would be expensive glass perfume bottles with check valves etc. I'm not sure the o rings would work because my personal theory is that they siphon up through the sprayer nozzle when heat expands the liquid.

    Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your stuff at stable temperatures. I don't think its plain old leakage but the extreme temperatures inside of delivery trucks. Have you ever been inside a trailer truck? I keep mine in a styrofoam cooler. Its room temperature but the temperatures don't fluctuate wildly. I double check my caps are snapped down too. I don't have any trouble at home now. Apparently traveling via air, baggage in non-pressurized compartments will leak also. Carryons.

    Keep those mini sample baggies, nice for spillproof carry.

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