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SteveO just made my day

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  • SteveO just made my day

    So I recently won the Cohesion oil in the forum contests. I ordered a bottle of Massage oil and asked if I could sample a few things (I did not expect any samples because I did afterall win a free product)...to my surprise SteveO sent me a free bottle of warming oil and a full bottle of Exotica -eNONE (XS183 beta) to test out! Absolutely speechless, I really feel bad because I feel I paid so little...really things like this make me keep supporting PXS; they are in it for the betterment of all of us, and they put people over profits. Obviously these are sometimes unexpected surprises and we shouldn't always expect them (they are still a business afterall!) but when they happen every now and then they really make your week! Time to go test out the XS 183 so I can report on it!

    P.S. SteveO you have great hand-writing!
    PXS Product Content Spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/q7KVX1
    Sprays: Bliss, SOB, Xist, Taboo, Evolve, Cohesion, Dominant Ascend, Exotica, Ascend (with and without cops), Limitless
    Oils: Xist, Cohesion, Desire Me for Men, Massage Oil for Men
    Samples: SOB, Crush, Bliss, Evolve, Thinker, Odyssey, Vibe, Flirt, Barely Legal, Celebrity
    AMMO (1.0), IS, IG, IJ, IH, IO, CTTM 2, TUTH (1.0 and 1.1), p74, p83, p93, p100, Spaceland, MX 297, MX 272, MX 291, Lip Magnet

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    knowledgeispower he is Awesome indeed. The customer Service is my favorite. I love the fun and the warmth they put behind their Emails. Everytime a package comes its always full of surprises. I love the candy...I even got a glow stick for Halloween ????. Steve told me I'll will enjoy my Cohesion as it will make a change in my life and YES @Steve'o it has big time. I love PXS and to me theres no comparing anybody to them. They will go down in history for Overall being a Wonderful Powerful Company. Thx Pxs and thankyou knowledgeispower for sharing your amazing journey with us. I learn a lot from you. Thx to the pxs team... KateD. Leslie SteveO. idle and who ever i forgot.


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