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1st PXS purchase

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  • 1st PXS purchase

    I just wanted to thank PXS and SteveO for the samples and fast delivery of the Evolve spray, oil and massage oil. SteveO gave me three samples (Ascend, Celebrity and Vibe) and warming oil to go with the massage oil. Personal message from SteveO and M&Ms included! Top notch service! You can clearly tell that he cares about his customers. The personal touches really matter to people and ensures they will return! Much appreciated!

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    welcome TMG to discoversxs share your experiences here with PXS Blends and enjoy, your such lucky person like all others who uses pheromone you will have much fun from it.
    Pheromone: ACE, SOB, Xist, Taboo, Love Boat, Connections, A1, Bnol, Anol, Celebrity*,Barely Legal*,Thinker*,Crush*,XS144 (OUTSPOKEN)*.
    Apex: Core, Imprint, CV3*.
    LAL: Wolf, Primitive*, Aqua Vitae*
    Androtics: Ammox2, TUTH, P75 2.5mcg 30ml FF22 | TO-GO:A314, Ammox1, TUTH, IO, IS, P130, P102.



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      Welcome! Yes the personal touches go such a long way! You're dealing with humans here not a corporate machine
      PXS Product Content Spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/q7KVX1
      Sprays: Bliss, SOB, Xist, Taboo, Evolve, Cohesion, Dominant Ascend, Exotica, Ascend (with and without cops), Limitless
      Oils: Xist, Cohesion, Desire Me for Men, Massage Oil for Men
      Samples: SOB, Crush, Bliss, Evolve, Thinker, Odyssey, Vibe, Flirt, Barely Legal, Celebrity
      AMMO (1.0), IS, IG, IJ, IH, IO, CTTM 2, TUTH (1.0 and 1.1), p74, p83, p93, p100, Spaceland, MX 297, MX 272, MX 291, Lip Magnet


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