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thank you thank you

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  • thank you thank you

    I want to thank steve0, leslie and anyone in shipping for the goodies and extras I've gotten. I've spent alot of money on XS mones and I am nothing but happy. The last week alone has been an epic time and i've met 4 lovely ladies!! Seriously!!! Ha All the extras I've gotten are adding up and lol I have 3 enone25 oils/sprays...I bought one and then got it on two different orders a few months apart...lol I will have enough enone25 for maybe 5 years, after and when I use up the rest...ha!!!
    Oil: xist, evolve, taboo, ascend, cohesion, api (x2), sob, domination, enone25 (x3 lol)

    Sprays: vibes (x2), connections (x2), xist (x2), cohesion, taboo, love boat, bliss, evolve, ascend, celebrity, sport, ta test series, enone25 (x3 lol), odyssey13, xsp130, PIMP.

    (Upgraded to 15/30mL!!!)

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    I went ahead and forwarded this thread to shipping so they can be aware that you are pleased with their work

    I know these threads make Steve whistle and flip his hair all day, not sure how it makes leslie feel but I am sure she will be around soon to let you know

    Happy testing, look forward to more threads and posts with your results esp now you are meeting lovely ladies


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      KateD It makes Steve whistle and flip his hair all day! lmao You're awesome!


      • KateD
        KateD commented
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        No, no YOU ARE AWESOME!

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      master_at_arms omg. So much enone25. How it works? I don't use is separately yet.
      PheromoneXS : Oils - Xist, Evolve,Cohesion,Accend(w/c),Taboo,A1(12,5),Love Boat
      Sprays - XiSt, Love boat, SOB, Connections, Exotica, Flirt,Vibes,Crush,Odyssey,Thinker,Barely legal
      LaL: Bad Wolf,Aqua Vitae, Voodoo, T-150,Nude Alpha, Possess, Possess Alpha
      PT: GoA,Treasureful shine
      Lacroy: NNPA
      HAX: X22,C4,M512,Holy Grail
      Alpha Dream: AM
      TruePheromones: ALL


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