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  • The Mystery Is Revealed

    With a name like Muestereate, How could I resist something called a Mystery Pack? Steve cleaned out his drawers, Desk drawers I suppose because these don't look like they have been in his trousers.

    I love the excitement, I think I caught a buzz opening the box.

    First off they switched me to priority mail. I guess they didn't get it out by 2 pm the same day so they bumped the shipping up. The mystery started here because even with priority mail the post office must have got a whiff of this box because my box made all kinds of extra stops to get here. Tracking is always fun but watching my package orbit Ohio was a real wtf experience.

    I still don't know what all is in here but I am fighting the urge to leave this message and run down the street like a rabbit in heat.

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    It has been a few days but now that my new Alchemicals have been safely stashed my mind has returned. This deal took a few days to put together because it was a trading post deal and I decided to add a bottle of cohesion oil to it. What I was supposed to get for only 40 dollars was 6 singles and 2 xsrs! Outrageous but Steve has never been known to be cheap. Still I expected a ton of anol since its is one of the cheap singles and some enone as he had mentioned.

    I placed my order about 1:30. I didn't expect them to make the 2 pm cutoff, nor did I think they should since this was a bargain basement sort of thing. Still I was mildly surprised when they missed the cutoff. early the next morning the confirmation email comes, then another and by 10 am I had a tracking number.

    I noticed they upgraded ME to priority shipping! I'm not sure USPS knows what to do with priority shipping. Instead of the usual clockwork-like flow from Munford to here, the shipping updates looked like they were tossing it like a hot potato, meanwhile missing their projected delivery date. I expected the package to be bruised and crushed but it arrived pristine despite a pheroscent that had my heart skipping beats and physical arousal without even opening the box. I do believe they had a new, "going postal orgie" phenomenon in Ohio last weekend.

    Along with the pristine box was a strap of black tape on the edge showing me it hadn't been tampered with. Nice touch! I find a corner to pop, and they were tight and the box practically explodes open. OMG I have purple bubble wrap, not that clear stuff I get with regular shipping More black tape, easy to remove but once again showing me no tampering, bundled shut with a good-sized smiley that is still hanging from my desk. I got a glowstick, and its YELLOW! cool, I have a red one, and poprocks which I thought had been banned because they killed Mikey.

    This box is crammed full with not 6 but ten bottles. I find the culprit, I have minor condensation on my cohesion oil, It's packed witha large 30 ml Androsterone sulfate with which I promptly hit myself with half a spray of 30 mcg a spray stuff. YUp this is it, the cohesion oil and Andros are actually getting through one of those really thick heat-sealed Baggies. Now I'm the hot potato.

    I have to say I like Cohesion Oil better than the spray. Its working great at one drop and the scent is not too strong at one drop. It will go well with a few of my covers. I'll have to work with this Andros. It was weird when it hit me, my chest started throbbing. I wonder what a woman would think if her boobs started throbbing? That passes but the excitement remains. I put on 15 mcg of Androstanone and the combo is too much but I go out anyhow feeling even more of the rapist vibes I mentioned above. The sexual confidence reported on the product page, for me at least, is an understatement. This is the stuff they put in Domination btw.

    Much work to do, so much here to explore. So many mysteries still veiled. A not so Typical delivery day OD.

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      30ml rone s! Oooooo! Lucky dog you! ​​​​​​​ Fun times a comin'!
      You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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        YEAH I still had to make it special so it was still kind of a custom. There were just a bunch of things I had around that for some reason or another just didn't get shipped. I hope you enjoy it.

        Tell us what else you got

        Steve O

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          I'm afraid everyone will get jealous. But as I expected I got ANOL, 2 bottles of different strengths, 25 and 50. Not for the faint of heart. Another killer is 25 Enone. Since I lack the knowledge of how to make evolve this may sit since its so strong. I have found that older ladies interest is peeked at around 50 though lol. Yes it is hard to get them excited over anything anymore.

          Now more along the lines of sanity, I got some 25 Bnol. I really like Bnol blends but I'm happier because I can finally learn which characteristics are anol versus bnol because I have them as single.

          Okay, and about ten minutes is all I can handle this package without getting woozey. I don't know if it's having my pherobox storage lid open or if its something in this package but I'm getting betaed. Whereas yesterday I wanted to bounce down the road like a rabbit in heat I'm having flashbacks to, Beat me, F Me and make me feel cheap days

          Till next post

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            Well, that knocked me down for a couple of hours and I woke up feeling more than a bit beaten. Now I'm not opening the bag up again today but a couple other molecules I received are A1 and androstanone.

            I have really been liking androstanone at 10 and diminishing returns at 15. I know it causes none of this type effect but it has a downside between 15 and 30. In my Mystery pack, I got an Androstanone 50!!!! I remember this because I almost ordered androstanone at 50 and canceled. I was going to buy 25 for flexibility. But, 50 is what I had run a couple of days with my Taboo based Beard balm, another free sample I received that I have taken a liking to.

            I couldn't figure out why I suddenly felt like a lumberjack and today it occurred to me that Tea Tree oil is a relative of our Pines. When I was young I used to wear a Pineish cologne, probably cypress based but more evergreenish like our local Christmas tree pines. This is really what I'm looking for in a fall scent Between the scent and the androstanone I felt like i was swinging a very large Axe around some mountain girls. 50 mcg went over nicely with the local woodsy gals. Shh, don't tell them they are woodsy. I'm sure they think they are Manhattan models

            I also remember a bottle of A1, I think its 25. I have never had straight A1, I'm anxious to learn about this one straight. I had picked up some CRUSH a while back to see if I could handle a less buffered A1 blend than cohesion. No ill effects, but I have a lot more cohesion around here so I have been testing with it a lot to find out doses and depression triggers. ANy depressions I have experienced are situational. Now is a good time to start comparing all three.

            I've got a putative and 2 mystery xsrs that aren't listed anywhere. Perhaps I'll take a whiff of them tomorrow. Maybe one of them is what knocked me back. If it is neither of them I might put a drop of each of these in a bottle and call it BMFMMMFC! Maybe the girls will buy it.

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              Okay, I found yet another molecule!! This brings my total molecule count up to 11 instead of the advertised 8!! I got XSP-F. I suspect this to be the same as XSR32. I got XSP-91, XSR 92 and XSR-43. Clueless on all. I also ordered some SP tech. My first foray into this stuff. I put in 8 drops in each of these and shook. I sprayed one spray of 43 on my wrist but that is not a clean application.

              I did notice My cover scent after I put on 43. It had faded a couple hours ago. I got a couple of whiffs of some other room smells, not all pleasant but just a whiff. Also, I had worn Innocence at 1 short spray and 2 smallish drops of an est copulins blend that I like. My cousin has been given 24 hours to live and I didn't feel like attracting any alpha shit tests tonight. At slightly higher doses my est cops blend has generated hits but not tonight. Conversation leaned towards talk of forgiveness and the balance between forgiving others and forgiving ourselves. This is not surprising for Innocence.

              What 43 did was a few moments of feminine softness slipped through. The blends I wore had a few light moments that are slipping through just like the cover scent. It is as if what I wore is amplified by a slight amount, like 20 percent. It could be beta, or it could be an amplifier. I will have to try it out by itself of course. There is an idea that it might be like an epirone too and just neutralizing my natural sig and letting the other stuff work as it might have been designed to work on a woman.

              I put on half a spray of xsp-f, nothing amplified yet.

              Ooops, finger tips almost hurt on keyboard

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