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Ladies, Have you ever asked a date to message you once he got home?

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  • Ladies, Have you ever asked a date to message you once he got home?

    Ladies, I was on insta-date the other night that ended up lasting about 6 hours. During the date she was twirling her hair and rather vigorously at one point. Her eyes were mostly dilated. There was a lot of direct and strong eye contact between us. She was touching me quite a bit and I should have touched her more but c'est la vie (and something that I am working on). We seemed to have a strong connection and I believe her interest level to be quite high especially after she asked me at least twice when I was going to be back in town. Almost like she was already planning our second date.

    Here is the question; Even though I live several hours away and was leaving the next day, she wanted me to text her when I arrived home so she could make sure that I am safe.

    I have never, that I can remember, had a date say that to me. It kinda struck me as a little unusual.
    Am I reading that statement properly or just reading into it what I want to see?
    Yes, I want to see her again.

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    Sounds like shes into you.

    I always tell my date or significant others to tell me when they're home safe. It's a cultural thing (norm in my culture)But since I was born here I tend to only say it to people I'm interested in


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      You text her that you arrived home, she messages back and so on.
      This is her way to tell you that she wants to stay in contact with you


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        Take it as an interest. She's doing a lot of IoIs that help support the idea she's interested. Worst case scenario, she's just like that with everyone. But if that's the case, how would she have time for you? Therefore, she's likely into you.

        Also a great segue into continuing a conversation after the fact. Be sure to continue the conversation if you're able to.
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          Shows respect and caring, having a woman show concern for you is a good thing. LTR material type of signal. She may cook clean and lay out tomorrows clothes for you too. Pick may have struck gold.

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            YES.That means she cares about you


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              I do it all the time. I want to be sure he gets home safely.


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                I do this with everyone because I genuinely want to know that you got home safely in this crazy ass world.

                When people don't ask the same of me, I get annoyed, lol. I don't want anyone in my life who doesn't want to make sure I'm safe.
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                  Yes, I have on a few dates. Although it is more a less a custom here for people to say this to you. It is usually used after visiting family members etc.

                  So I agree with all said above. She definitely is interested and a subtle way to ensure you message her because she likes talking to you

                  Now, it is up to you to hold that interest and make something of it

                  It is one thing to gain interest but another to sit on it and not make the best of the opportunity


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                    I did message her when I got home but she never responded. Bummer
                    I had already told her it would be a few weeks before I was back in town and I would let her know when I knew for sure.
                    We were captivated by each other, so yeah, I want to see her again.


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                      Usually when they ask you to text them when you get home it is a good sign. It sucks she hasn't replied back to you though. Keep us posted if she follows up!


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                        Yes, I have.
                        A bloke I dated had to go home during the night because of work. I tried to talk him out of it since it was full snow storm out, but he claimed he musted since he had no work clothes home to me. He used 45 minutes on a trip that usually takes ten minutes. I was nervous before I got the sms, but he made it home, into the shower and in work clothes before jumping in the car for work.

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