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2020 New Years Resolutions/Goals?

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  • LegendaryCharisma
    Ive been really working on dieting/portion control

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  • NuTrix
    Do more outdoor things with lil Nu now that she's getting older, especially over the warmer months when we can discover birds, salimanders, toads, snakes, weird bugs (there are some crazy ass lookin' bugs here in PA )
    Keep fit, to keep up with lil Nu
    Get out more socially. Again, now that lil Nu is getting older there are more opportunities
    Go to wine festivals/tastings again this year.
    Get back into my art/drawing.
    Unplugging from social media more. It's already in process. It's hard to find too much time for here with work and life coming at me so fast these days ?
    Extend my social circle.
    Find a class I'm interested in and take it just for fun

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  • Ildergreier
    I look forward to work out more.

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  • siren

    - Get a job
    - Journal more (on here and in general)
    - Find something to keep me creatively fulfilled
    - Try to learn to cook (not that I haven't tried, I'm just bad at it)
    - Read at least 10 books
    - End celibacy
    - Make new friends

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  • OutspokenOne
    started a topic 2020 New Years Resolutions/Goals?

    2020 New Years Resolutions/Goals?

    What are your New Years Resolutions and/or Goals for 2020? It's a New Year and a New Decade. Let's start off on the right foot!

    For me -

    1. Stay on top of my skincare routine as well as look for cheap/natural/effective products to target my problem areas.
    2. Go to the gym at least once or twice a week. Make exercise a habit. Besides weight loss, exercise is very important and can help prevent various diseases.
    3. Eat healthier. I'm saying no to junk food. I will incorporate more healthy snacks/meals as well as do more cooking.
    4. Stop procrastination. Start manifesting when it comes to career. Network. Expand my resume.
    5. Break my internet addiction (yes which means being on the forum a little less).
    6. Read more books.

    1. Get back into my photography.
    2. Get into new hobbies that doesn't involve always being online.
    3. Go to Miami with friends. Never been there.
    4. Keep exploring new places around home.
    5. Go to more events and actually try to be social/meet new people. (I'm going to a 90's Pop Up Museum this weekend).
    6. Have more sex.

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