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  • Lesbian interest

    Hi I'm not sure how many women out here are bi or lesbian but let's try to draw answers from you guys anyway! Lol

    Too often do we read "what do women like in a man"
    Well how about what do women like in women??

    Masc or fem?
    Tall or short?
    Fashion forward or not too much?
    Etc etc

    Lets hear it!

    I am what they would consider a "butch" of masc young person. Early 20s. Not a motorcycle gay not that we don't all care about them
    im about 5,4 short curly hair, on the cute scale, and 137lbs. Brown eyes with charm.

    ​​​​​I like girls who aren't taller than me, and who are on the smaller side. I used to think I liked exclusively fems but I've been swayed. I think it works because they are really small with a twink personality. Anyway.
    I'm not limited by race. I like a very smart and intelligent girl who likes speaking up in class. I just don't notice you otherwise.. cool colored eyes are nice. But also love dark brown eyes don't get me wrong. Jewish is a plus but I find it hard finding lesbian Jewish women my age in my surroundings. I go to a Jesuit school. List can go on, I'll probably get more "oh yea!" Moments when replies come in

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    Hmm. Well, I'm bi, though I have no real experience with women. I'm more picky with women than I am with men, if you can imagine that. I like femme brunettes, around the same height as me (5'5").

    I haven't noticed any other lesbian or bi women here. Maybe you're not butch, but more like a "stud."


    • Harrisalexis90
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      Yeah and haven't noticed them either but I feel like stud has a racial aspect to it that I lean away from other than that I think they are synonymous. Different culture around the words thx 4 ur reply

    • Harrisalexis90
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      and why more picky lmao. men deserve to be scanned harder lol

    • siren
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      Does it really? I had no idea. You're right, men do deserve to be scanned harder.

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    I like my women womanly, lol. Tom boys are great (I was always considered in that zone). While it's fun to dress up and do make-up and hair and heels/shoes, I don't want those superficial things to be the heart of her universe. I want someone real.

    I was seeing a woman for several years and our greatest shared loves were gardening, cooking and exploring all kinds of foods from all over the world, riding motorcycles and inviting friends over for music and wine. She was a petite brunette with brown eyes and French.

    Another girl that stole my heart was all city, a little ghetto, lol, always wore pants or jeans with Ts or sports jerseys, minimal make up except her eyes and hair but otherwise hated "girlie" things and she was super cute She had a huge heart, loved her family, friends and little dog to a fault She was a natural brunette, but colored her hair with some auburn and was black/Latina mix.

    I don't think I would ever be with someone who judges other people based on outward appearance and I don't seem, so far, to have a "look" that draws me except it does seem I lean toward brunettes if you go by numbers...

    It's a person's spirit that draws me, if you're ugly on the inside, it doesn't matter what the outside looks like. But if you have a beautiful spirit, it doesn' t matter what the outside is packaged in.

    If I had to say what I want in a woman, currently, it would be...

    She has to be clean, you don't have to wash your hair every day but you do have to wash, lol.
    Doesn't dress like a slob. PJs in the mall is a no go for me, put on some clothes to leave your house!
    No drugs or cigarettes, that's a turn off, but oddly, cigars are ok on occasion...ikr? That's just me...
    Wine responsibly, lol (or any other alcoholic beverage of choice)
    Not narcissistic.
    Genuinely kind.
    Positive and grateful, not to me necessarily, lol, but because life is full of blessings.
    No drama (you know, the ones who manufacture their own, regularly and often).
    No victim mentality or lack of accountability (everything is always someone else's fault).
    Emotionally mature.
    Need to have the same moral and ethical values.
    A new one for me now, (should anything happen to Mr and I'm single again), must like children.
    And I think now too, because I have a daughter and it's not just me anymore, someone who is financially stable.

    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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      Like all kinds of women.

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        Hmm that's hard, I could easily be attracted to all types as long as they have a good heart and they are interesting to me. I like some version of cute or exotic. This verbs spread far and wide for me, so the options are pretty endless. I've never been with a women but have had a few crushes.


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          I've never had a real crush on a woman. At least not in the way I crush on men. Maybe it's because I've never knowingly been around women that were truly interested in me.


          • Harrisalexis90
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            Interesting you say that. Would you fairly say you are interested in people you think are interested in you? And ofc this is generally speaking

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          Harrisalexis90 Maybe I should have phrased it differently. Almost all of my crushes on men have been entirely unrequited, and that probably makes me crush harder, sometimes to the point of obsession. 😂 I'm definitely interested in women sexually but have never really sought out any type of relationship with them. Or even placed myself in an environment where that could possibly happen. Although, there was one time when a woman was sort of trying to pick up on me and I didn't realize it until later. I never know in the moment when anyone is flirting though. The way I now see it, any future hook ups or relationships should happen naturally, because unfortunate & awkward situations tend to happen to me when I try to force things.


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            Bi here. I tend to like femme women but when I come across a butch woman I'm attracted to, I'm usually more attracted to them than femme women.

            Unfortunately im still self conscious about how society views gay couples and so my standards for women are unfairly high. This means dressing very well if butch, and lots of make up nice face and body on point if femme.


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              Isis thank you for your answer. Helpful


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