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  • Babe and Desire - WOW

    I purchased Babe and Desire and got samples of Vibe and Bliss (which I have not tried yet).

    I started off with Babe. Honestly, it smells terrible. I made the mistake of doing it in my bathroom with the door closed and it gave me the worst headache. This was a huge difference from Androtics stuff because their stuff smelled amazing right out of the bottle. But after Babe dried the bad initial smell went away. I applied a little of my own perfume over top just in case. I sprayed 3 sprays. I felt light-headed but still went to the store to just try it out. The male cashier at the corner store surprisingly gave me an extra bag of wood (which was interesting because he could have got in trouble giving something away for free but nice of him, 1st thing I noticed).

    I was having a backyard fire with my ex-boyfriend (he is my good friend even though we aren't together anymore, I still love him, he just needs to get his life together) anyway it was great, we had fun roasting smores and I drank and smoked a bit of weed. So did he. I showered and sprayed 2 spritz of Desire. Desire smelled a lot better than Babe and did not give me a headache. I told him about the mones and asked him, "Did you notice anything different?" and he smelled me and said no but it smelled better than my mones from Androtics, as those apparently gave him a headache. I was a little disappointed but I decided not to care too much about it.

    So we are watching netflix on my bed and I felt pretty sleepy, he was cuddling with me and asked if I needed anything. I said no and accidentally fell asleep. Now, I sleep naked all the time so it was kind of cruel to do that to him, haha. I woke up to him cuddling the crap of out me. He would not stop touching me, it was insane. Like my boobs were magnets and he was never like that. So I woke up and started making out with him and the most mind-blowing sex of my ENTIRE LIFE unfolded. We have always had great sexual chemistry, to be frank, but this was entirely something else. He was so incredibly sensual and knew exactly what I wanted and how to do it. What got me is he said at least 3 times, "I don't know why... but this is f*cking fantastic like I don't understand!!" and then it clicked. The pheromones! I didn't say anything and let it play out. The things he said to me... never came out his mouth for the previous 4 years we were together. Not. Once. I also said things I couldn't believe too, but I seriously meant. It was like we were on the exact same frequency... all movements perfectly in sync and earth-shatteringly intense. I was shook. My sex life will never be the same XD I want to be more specific but I feel like a weirdo for actually saying what was said. It sucks because he is my ex but hey, life goes on.

    Bottom line: They work, and work well. The side effect might be a little lightheadedness and/or a headache. I felt almost high— it's the only way I can explain it. I would almost recommend Desire for more intimate situations but I am sure if you pair it with something more social it could be great too. I will be trying Babe in fewer sprays and maybe the headache thing won't happen or I will take an Advil.

    I will be buying more in the future! Great experience.

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    Great hit! When I started wearing pheros after a long break it was making me spacey and light headed as well. Avoiding enclosed spaces for the first several minutes helped. The light headed-ness goes away after regular use of pheros (at least in my experience)


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      Ok, thanks! I will make sure not to do it in the bathroom again XD And that's great to hear, I appreciate your input.

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    I always take vitamin pills those days I am using pheromones, they take away the light headedness one perhaps feel.

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