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Journey & Questions. Can pheromones really work for me?

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  • Journey & Questions. Can pheromones really work for me?

    I’m very new to PheromoneXS and have the following blends: Full spray bottles of Desire Me in Sexy Amber; Celebrity & Xist in Sweet Sensations; samples of Temptress & Tease. I haven’t had what I noticed as hits although I am willing to test the effects over a long period of time. My main obstacle is having to actually wear the mones. In order for me to wear mones on a regular basis, the “smelly” scent would have to be well masked and the cover scent must stay in the background of my chosen perfume. I know for sure I can’t wear Celebrity, Temptress and Tease even scented just because the mone smell is so strong that I would be self conscious of it all day. DesireMe and Xist aren’t that bad, but the cover scent is really prominent. I was hoping to be able to blend the cover scents with my own signature perfumes. For Summer I wear Hermès un Jardin de Mediterranee for Fall/Winter, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille layered with Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540. The cover scent drowns out my Hermès. Another dilemma is the staying power. From what I’ve read, sprays last for only 3-4hrs while oil lasts 8 but with no projection. Qs: Are oils more intense in terms of smell/scent? Would 1-2 drops of scented oil smell milder or stronger than the sprays? Wouldn’t spraying perfume on top of the oil help in projection? Also, with regard to sprays: Shouldn’t mones still be working if you can still smell it?

    Looking for a simple, effective but non-intrusive daily dosing routine. Am I asking for too much?

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    Your environment sounds similar to mine, I'm new to the xs also but I'll share a low key way for oils that I'm going to go back to on the sprays. I'm an old male, church, coffee shop and restaurants. I prefer to hit targets selectively at close range but I also interact with groups.

    It's summer I'm wearing shorts. I like 1 drop behind each knee and wrap around the crease of the knee about an inch to the inside of the leg, that's about a third of a spray. While I sit, I release very little but it is warming up. When I rise the people around me get hit and so do others that are sitting down at tables as I pass. Knees are about table level but not in their nose and heat rises.

    When I return to my table everybody is really glad to see me back. If I later get up and go to an area I have walked past, I've found people slightly more warm to an initial hello. Its subtle not blatant but the repeat eases open some doors.

    I also do a similar thing with the front of the armpit. A bit to the front crease and kinda more in the front crease of the pit. Far back doesn't seem to do anything for me but the front opens up when I raise my arms to greet people, talk with my hands or pick up a drink. So you can be up to 4 drops already but in covert application points.

    This week I'm dropping down from the sprayer to a small dipstick. I have a very small artist brush, I'm thinking just dipping the handle and see if I can get a drop at a time instead of three. I guess anything thin could work but watch out for spilling bottles.

    By the way, these covert spots work better for me than up around my face. I like them where I can smell them but other people keep more distance in most cases so far. Hope something like this is what you are looking for.

    PS, walking around is how I take care of projection.

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      Muestereate Are you saying that one drop of oil equals 3 sprays in terms of volume or mcg content? One drop of oil is ,05 ml and one spray is ,125 ml. It is my understanding that XS makes their oils more concentrated to compensate for the difference in diffusion such that one drop is basically equivalent to one spray in terms effect. If this is indeed the case then based on the rate of diffusion they should be equivalent in terms of level of odor. Would they not?

      Something to to consider when applying pheros in the area of the armpit is that there is a high concentration of the coryneform bacteria I've previously mentioned. There is a greater chance of conversion. I'm not entirely convinced that conversion is a bad thing. IME oils can get quite interesting after a few hours. In the case of sprays the alcohol has antiseptic properties. I won't go so far as to say that the bacterial population is entirely eliminated but is at least greatly reduced. As such their is less chance of conversion. Just something to consider when deciding between oils and sprays.


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        I try to only apply on my neck, behind the ear and wrist since I don’t want any getting on my clothes. Would you say that oil, being that you need a smaller amount is less “mone” smelling and easier to cover than a spray?


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          I'd keep it away from my face if I didn't want to be self-conscious about it. Few people get within a few inches of someone's face at work. Most people don't apply like me though.

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        I suggest spraying near the application point if you are adding a cover.
        But not on the mone app point. That could still help with diffusion without dampering the oil itself.


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          Scottie2Hottie I was saying a spray is about equal to three drops. Since Milani80 wants to keep a low profile, I thought this worth mentioning so she doesn't OD. I wouldn't want her starting off with 4 sprays total if she wants a low profile. Sprays seem to diffuse faster than they break down at least to me so far.

          I realize Steves oils are three times the concentration of his sprays But a lot of his sprays are as strong as other's oils. I'm coming to think I need to cut the sprays into partial sprays because of the size of the spray and the good concentrations. Less keeps being more for me.

          Despite the concentration, I think oils are going to be the long-term solution in Texas. Those little application sticks in some samplers are really good for working up from a small dose or spreading a regular dose around to multiple points. Now I just need to experiment until I find something larger and easier to handle.

          Scottie, what's your experience with Alpha-Androstenol. I see it is on your list and it is the primary ingredient in most of her products.

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            I wouldn't be too concerned about what other people think of the smell. I've never noticed much of a smell with Celebrity for women neither has anyone ever commented on it and believe me, I'm around people who would definitely let me know. I don't even use heavy scents. I wear things that burn off quick and are light and clean smelling. No one has ever mentioned anything when wearing Celebrity for women. I would hazard a guess and say the smell you find offputting in Tease and Temptress, most others wouldn't. If desire me + isn't smelly to your nose, it isn't the copulins in Tease and Temptress but the pheromones in those blends. The only thing I've ever gotten complaints about in terms of smell, was Desire Me + and Desire Me oil.

            I've only used desire me in oil and it does not smell more intense than desire me +. If anything, it's a bit more subdued and the scent stays closer to the body. But like I said in another thread where I answered your question. Not sure why you'd jump to oils if you haven't noticed any hits, the oils tend to stay near the body and are a bit more subtle. So yes, oils do not have as strong as a smell since oil in general have a shorter range. Whether it be perfume or pheros
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              I was hoping if I sprayed perfume on the oil, it’ll help with projection 😬


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                I haven't tried it with oil pheros from xs, but I've found that alcohol perfume over the oil pheros from other companies does help it a very tiny bit

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              Originally posted by Isis View Post
              If desire me + isn't smelly to your nose, it isn't the copulins in Tease and Temptress but the pheromones in those blends.
              My guess is that she is sensitive to enone.
              I'm sure that's the reason why I couldn't stand Baby and Tease the first few times I wore them. That also happened with other enone based products from other vendors. With time and exposure, luckily, that self effect disappeared.

              Milani80 - don't give up yet. Keep using them untill you get used to the smell. As other members said, you might be only one who notices it, just because you're self conscious about it.


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                You'll get used to the smell. There was a time when I'd find it offensive to my nose, but now I'm so used to it that I find myself at times not needing a cover scent.
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                  I think that I am getting used to Xist. I sprayed 2 sprays into a little Dixie cup, used the end of a makeup brush to dip and apply to my neck, behind ears, wrist and feet (was wearing sandals). It didn’t bother me as much today and maybe I got hits today. This is the first time I’ve used more than 1 spray. I got 3 compliments on my outfit today. All from women. I did however wear a new top. So who knows? Thanks all. I’ll keep using Xist. Any other blends you all would suggest? Social for everyday and a little something more for special events 😉 that may be a bit easier for me to wear seeing as I’m sensitive to smells?


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                    Milani80 Regarding you post about using perfume to aid projection, the subject is constantly being debated. There are all kinds of different opinions on the matter. I think the best answer is to experiment and find a method that works best for you.

                    That being said, I will leave you with some things to consider. DPG, which we refer to as oils although actually a class of alcohols, is highly viscose and has a low evaporation rate. Our objective with pheromones is to disperse the various molecules into the surrounding atmosphere. In order for this to occur they have to lift off our skin. We call this diffusion. DPG is a mixture of 3 molecules that are reasonably heavy. It's molecular weight is 134.173 g/mol. Pheromones are quite heavy molecules. Alpha Androstenol, for example, is a quite heavy molecule. It's molecular weight is 274.45 g/mol. Most pheromones have similar molecular weights. The greater the molecular weight the less the volatility. So with DPG we have a situation where heavy molecules have to either escape from a thick medium or evaporate along with a medium that has a low evaporation rate.

                    Perfumes and colognes use SD40B as a base. It is considered a Specially Denatured Alcohol. Basically it is 200 proof (100% pure) ethanol with stuff added to it in accordance with specific Federal regulations. Alcohol is heavily taxed in the US. In order to avoid this taxation the government requires that alcohol be altered to make it undrinkable, i.e., denatured. There are various types of SDAs. In the case of SD40B, by definition tert-butyl alcohol which will induce nausea and denatonium benzoate which is the bitterest chemical known to man are added. Denaturing does not chemically alter the ethanol molecule. As such SD40B retains ethanol's solvent properties and it remains highly volatile. It is that volatility which we hope will improve diffusion of DPG pheromones. Ethanol has a molecular weight of 46.07 g/mol. As you can see it is a very light molecule. Because of that fact it begins to evaporate upon contact with your skin. In a matter of minutes it is completely evaporated.

                    When you consider these facts it seems highly unlikely that perfume/cologne would really have anything more than a negligible effect on the diffusion of DPG products. I think the only way that this could happen is if the alcohol had an opportunity to thoroughly mix with the DPG. As you can see, alcohol doesn't stick around long enough for that to happen. I've been using pheros a long time. Oils, sprays and colognes in every possible combination. I have never seen any benefit to using alcohol on top of oils, whether it be pheros or cologne.


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                      So I'm assuming you don't re-apply when you're out for the night. Do you just spray and then you just basically get your 3h worth of diffusion?

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                    By 3 hrs of diffusion are you referring to pheros or perfume? Most spray pheromones on the market only last 3-4 hrs. There is a rapid onset and decline with a peak between the 1st and 2nd hour. DPG products have a more gradual onset and decline with a long plateau lasting several hours. The reasons discussed above are why there is such a difference between the two mediums. In the case of XS sprays you will find that they typically last 6-8 hours. This is because they add a fixative known as Diffusion Technology. No one but SteveO knows exactly what it is. But if you touch the application point you will notice a bit of an oily feel. It turns the product into kind of a sprayable oil. It's like a type of hybrid, if you will. I add Diffusion Technology to my single molecules, putatives and research molecules. I've even added it to competitor's products. I've seen effects as far as 12 hrs out.


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