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  • Noob help :)

    Hi, I'm a noob and went crazy, buying multiple at once. Just got them in and will wear them out for the first time today

    Now, I'm wondering what the best points to apply are and how to layer.

    Today, I am wearing cohesion XS and thinker for work. I put cohesion XS behind my ears and thinker on my neck, but I have no idea if those are good places (I figured they'd be covered well thanks to my perfume on my neck). Also, do you actually layer them sometimes? Put thinker over the cohesion XS?

    What about when I want to go out for a night on the town? Or when I am ready to have a good time with my boyfriend? Where should I put the ones I choose then? For instance, I plan on using Love Boat and Tease on our next date. Where should I put those?

    Thanks for any advice and sorry for the barrage of questions!
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    I never layer mones on top of mones, as I'm not sure how that would affect diffusion.

    The only parts of my body that are exposed enough to let oil diffuse are my neck and forearms.

    cohesion would be better on your neck as would thinker. Love boat is good on the arms. Can't say about tease but I think it'd work either way. Preferably on neck.

    Socials like connections ALWAYS get applied on my arms.

    happy moneing!!!


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      I layer all the time. I've never had any issues with it. Think of it this way, your body is constantly excreting pheromones thru specialized glands in your skin. Your body doesn't excrete one compound here and another compound there (with the exception of copulins). Therefore, layering shouldn't adversely effect chemosignaling. If it did, then your natural phero signature would be ineffective.

      You can apply them anywhere that you would perfume.

      That being said, it is usually recommended that you test each product separately to get a feel for it before trying combos. In most cases it probably won't adversely affect the individual products. It's just that it can be difficult to tell what is doing what. But if it works for you and you aren't one to analyze, then go for it. What matters is that you get the results that you're looking for.

      Have fiun and keep us posted.

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        No, I am definitely analytical, just unfortunately also impatient! Thanks for your advice!

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        Lol you sound like me.

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      Originally posted by eternitys_child View Post
      Socials like connections ALWAYS get applied on my arms.

      very interesting remark! before reading that i couldn't formulate it as a conclusion, but now reading it, makes perfect sense!


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        Socials on arms and hands (and possibly hair if your hair's long enough to flip). A lot of us talk with our hands and arms, which serves to help disperse the mones. I will also put just about anything across my collarbone too, since usually my targets will be close enough to be affected, and I don't mind the selfies either

        Layering is personal preference. Most of the time I keep them separate, but not always. Just depends on my purpose. I like Love Boat on the back of my neck and Fantacy across my collarbone at the same time, but they are both so close, would it matter if they were layered? I can gage Fantaciy's hit first because Love Boat is nestled under my hair for those who get really close, but they are both still dispersing together.

        Don't put mones anywhere you will be getting kissed or licked (TMI?) They taste as good as perfume. Don't do it Just keep that in mind for your bf ^_~


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          Thank you! That helps a lot

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        NuTrix there's a woman I know who can't help but lick or kiss wherever I have applied taboo . It's like bees to honey.......

        Vinko Connections ALWAYS gets applied on my arms because it's such a strong truth serum that any closer to my nose and I'll be spilling more than I care to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Inversely, Bliss is great to use on my neck because that makes ME feel great. But usually I want the people I'm around to feel good, and associate that feel-good with me, so that's another reason Bliss goes on my arms. Flirt will either go on my neck or on my arms, depending on how I'm using it in combination with my mix that day.

        as NuTrix alluded to, certain socials work well on the neck because they give great self effects.



        • NuTrix
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          I know, I know! I have to be inventive with cop application because of the very same issue

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