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  • Falling in love mixture

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and received my first order today. I've done a little research of my own, but would love some suggestions.

    I am trying to make an ex commit to me again. We've been in a casual relationship for a while now and doing ok, but he holds back a lot and seems unsure about taking things further. I want to hit him in the feels and get him to fall in love again (or at least create some obsession and excitement!). I ordered Tease and Love Boat, and received samples of Bliss, Innocence, and Flirt. I've been reading through old posts and now I'm unsure that I chose the right formulas. What would be the best combo based on what I have, and what would you recommend next?
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    Stars! Let me first apologize for not seeing this thread sooner and missing an opp to welcome you when you just got in. I am always super excited when another lady drops in our awesome community because there isn't a lot of us on here. I hope you stick around and I look forward to helping you make the best of your mones.

    By welcoming new members, sharing your experiences with us, giving us feedback on our services.Overall, by just hanging out and having fun, you can earn huge discounts for life that will enable you to stock up on your fav mones for lesss.

    This may seem super simple but our goals system is designed to help you finding the right products for you or your situation. The information on there is great for that use and to enhance your pheromone usage.

    I think you have a great round up that can work wonders but I need to establish a few things. Why did you break up? Who broke up with who and what do you mean by casual relationship;casual sex or casual hanging out

    Do you feel like you are in the friend zone and it is hard to get him to see you as sexual?

    Do you make yourself readily available to him and tell him how you feel

    Do you want to get back with him or do you just want that romance and passion?


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