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Pheros for a first date?

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  • Pheros for a first date?

    Hey everyone!
    I’m new to pheros and new to XS. I have a date with a man I’m really interested in. Met him in a professional environment but we’ve been “talking”phone, text, video calls … and since this is the first time we’re meeting I really want to break him out of the friend zone and get him to pursue me in a committed relationship. I’m thinking I should use Girlfriend? What are your experiences with Girlfriend on a first date? Should I add anything or just keep it simple, one and done? Or is Girlfriend too much for the first date, maybe Engaging or Sweetness, but afraid those aren’t sexual enough. Thoughts??

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    I’d say Girlfriend or Xist, and a beautifier. Can add a spray of status too (Goddess)


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      Okay thanks! Ive used Xist but notice it takes a long time to work. Is that your experience? What’s the onset like with Girlfiriend.

      And why do ppl add a status blend in romantic situations what is that supposed to do for you? I feel like I come across very sophisticated and elite so I’m concerned about Goddess making me seem less approachable?


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        Technically, the status would make him want to wait before he can touch you. Anticipation is good for the build up. You can come across more approachable by everything else you do: smile, laugh, flirt etc. I’m sure you know.

        On Girlfriend: I heard for some Girlfriend lowers status. I’ve had more head turns than usual with Goddess + Girlfriend + P86.


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          Thanks. Does anyone have any experiences with Girlfriend?


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            Ad down