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Trying to find good scents...

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  • Trying to find good scents...

    I am fairly new to the idea of using perfume, I've always been pretty low maintenance and have really not made it beyond scented moisturizer lotions until recently. I started out exploring LPMP before I found PXS. Among the PXS scents, the only one I've tried is Jasmine Vanilla, and I do really like it. With LPMP, I like their Flying Potion quite a lot. Not as big a fan of 02.20, though I can't pinpoint why. Bosom Bows and Spring Blossom seem too strongly floral for me. In terms of moisturizer and soap scents, I tend to go with things like green tea, Jasmine, fairly mild scents. I don't mind the Vanilla scent that True Pheromones uses, but I prefer the PXS Jasmine Vanilla and the LPMP scents more.

    In theory, light, clean, ocean-type scents appeal to me, and I like scented candles with things like baking spices and such. I don't tend to like heavily musky, smoky, tobacco type scents as much. But I also know that sometimes on the skin, scents appeal where they might not have seemed an intuitive fit.

    Does anyone here have thoughts or suggestions about scents I might want to try? I would be open to other cover scents here, but my thought is that I will probably mainly do unpheroed scents from LPMP combined with unscented pheros from PXS.

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    These are all very light and inoffensive, imo, and you could try a sampler without busting your budget:

    This is another site with different sets, but I think these 2 could be the ones most potentially appealing to you:

    I LOVE LPMP, but my tastes lean toward gourmand so I'm afraid I'm not much use to you in any recommendations for beautiful, clean, ocean scents but we have quite a few ladies who also have an affection for LPMP who may well have some offerings to share with you

    I have the 02.20 also, and I wonder if it's the cocoa note throwing you off like it does me? I recognize it, but it comes off a bit plastic-y...but I adore PM, so I kinda had to have it
    XS has a fragrance called Le Chocolat, which is a pillow soft, easily layered, dusted cocoa fragrance, imho. With the vanilla and amber in the base, it's more of a creamy milk chocolate than the dark cocoa that I feel the 02.20 note is closer to.

    I hope you find something perfect for you! Happy hunting! oxox
    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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      So, in further updates, I ordered GOA and ETFZ in their Cold Water scent... and it's not for me. In theory, the idea of a light, simple, clean scent is appealing - and I definitely don't want anything excessively sweet or floral, and I think not smoky either. So probably still on the light side, a little baking spice and fruit or floral elements but fairly balanced. Who knew this would be so complicated? (I should have.)

      Now, if I can figure out a way to use these products and mask the scent somehow, or soften it with something else...


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        Before getting just about everything scented from XS, lol, I used to put a few drops of something from LPMP in each bottle of my XSs, just so that when I sprayed them I wouldn't get an immediate burst of chemical, pheromone or copulin smell (think spraying in a locker room or other public place where a pheromone "smell" would stand out).

        Maybe you could do that with something you already have and like? Something in an alcohol or oil base that would blend well with your pheromones?

        There are a lot of blends that, once they dry down, don't smell at all. Depending on what you wear, maybe you don't need a fragrance at all?
        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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          So far, all I have are scents that include pheros, but I did order several options without pheros in my next LPMP order. Once I get those, I will see what I can find. Definitely will err on the side of unscented - I actually only ordered the Jasmine Vanilla from PXS because I thought I had to choose one, not realizing that they came unscented by default. Turns out I actually like Jasmine Vanilla quite a lot.

          But my go-to options will probably include things like Xist, Cohesion, Connections, Perfect Match, Treasured Hearts, maybe Heart and Soul. Not sure about where GOA or ETFZ will fit in; I'm so happy with the PXS pheros and LPMP scents.


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            I've found lots of places offer samples for purchase! I would google the notes you're looking for to get a sense of what's available. You can also search fragrantica.com which is a review and database site. Put in the notes you are looking for and then look for samples of the highest ranked perfumes.

            Bloom Perfume offers sample sets/discovery kits based on a particular note or ingredient. That could be a good place to start to get a variety of quality fragrances without breaking the bank.


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