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Spamming and necroposting, please read

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  • Spamming and necroposting, please read

    Good day everyone ,

    With the new discount program, we're seeing plenty of activity on the forum, which is great! However, some members have become a bit too enthusiastic with posting. I totally get the desire to get a post count up so we can all take advantage of the awesome discounts that Steve is offering. BUT...I do need to point out that excessive posting in a short time frame does count as spam and will be removed. So, let me clarify on what I mean:

    Necroposting. Bumping an old thread (several months or more) where the subject is either no longer relevant, the topic had died out due to a lack of interest or the poster having found out their answer. When searching the forum, please post in more recent threads first. If you find a topic that has been inactive for a long while but could still be relevant for your your needs or situation and you can contribute to the topic, that is more than welcome. Otherwise, please create a new thread.

    Multiple threads for the same subject. Xist, for example is a very VERY popular mix and people have a lot of questions about it. Please check the most recent threads and post in them before creating your own thread. This will help keep the forum from be buried by redundant threads.

    Spamming. Posting in threads with a very simple phrase, short sentence, smiley/emoticon or one word. We're looking for posts with quality, not just quantity. We'll make sure to have a thread for spamming, but please do not spam the main forum.

    Mass Spamming. The same thing as Spamming but in massive quantity and in a very short time frame. This is not what we're looking for and will not be accepted.

    Any member who does any of the above, will have their posts removed, a PM will be sent by myself and the member can face an infraction up to and including short to long term suspension of their account. The time frame will depend on the severity of the spamming.

    Amigos and Amigas, I really don't want to scare off anyone or think I'm going to be dropping the ban hammer. We're all adults here and we all want to enjoy our time here and learn and grow from each other's knowledge and experience...and get some awesome rewards from SteveO. Please keep these rules in mind when posting in the future. Any questions, please feel free to post them here.


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    I love a man in uniform. Oh wait, you are not the police. My bad

    You lay down the rules like an officer and a gentleman. Makes me want to


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        I think he's catfishing, Kate. I'm pretty sure that isn't him in the picture.


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          Gosh, I hope not, Arnold tends to dry me up rather than make me wet. I suggest he tries again.


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            • KateD
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              You are so not hitting your target right now G, lol

            • 2000GT
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              I know. It's all part of the plan... -_-

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            I seriously doubt I will ever get the max discount based on post count but you can depend that when I do make a post I feel it will add to the body of knowledge to the community. Outside the occasional fun and poke comments of course. lol


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              Friendly reminder to everyone about avoiding necroposting (bumping threads) and spamming. We want everyone to enjoy the forums and the discounts, however we also want to make sure that everyone is playing fairly and not posting merely to up their post count. This is a community forum to help others with questions on how to use pheromones, first and foremost.



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                Thankyou for the reminder. I am guilty as anyone for not checking the forum to see whether a question has already been answered before posting.


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                  That's because everyone (including me ) takes on the easy way !


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                    What he said.

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