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    I was told that I said come over to the section to introduce myself, so here I am! I 1st learned about of this site from another top secret messageboard. As you can imagine my main purpose in using pheromones is to help but generator generosity in men. Let's get this party started.

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    Welcome! Always happy to see another person joining in. Did you buy anything from XS yet?


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      ​​​​​​Full bottles: Sport, Celebrity, Innocence, Connections, And Babe, Cohesion, Temptress, Thinker, Fantasy, Psel, Tease, Xist x 2, Odyssey, LoveBoat, Vibe, Madame, Bliss, Summer Daze (XS122), Fairy Tale Limitless, XSP86, Engage, Happiness, Sweetness, Glow, Bitch, XS194, xs189, xs190, xs191, xs193, xs196, xs199, Naked Gun, Mascot, Pencil Thin Mustache and XSP102.

      LPMP: Heart & Soul, Blatant Invitation, Sexology, Sexpionage, Audacious, Levitation, Popularity Potion, LFM, MLH.


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        Hi sugarbaby glad to have you around.
        I'm not too knowledgeable about women's products. (Unless they be UniSex products)
        However, the women on this forum are awesome.
        I follow their journals for the most part and learn a great deal.
        Wishing you the best results!

        One product that is "Unisexy" is Connections.
        Connections will give you the information you desire and maybe more than you bargained for. Thank me later lol

        In my mixes I've found Cohesion and Connections to pair really well. However, the women's version of Cohesion is different so I cannot confirm nor deny that its still suitable for what you said your interest was.


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          Sorry for my english in my op and thank you guys for the warm welcome.


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          Welcome to the XS community.


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            Sugarbaby! I am happy you are here, I did not quite get what your goals are so I would love for you to tell me again. I think the guys understand your lingo.

            What products have you purchased so far. I know this seems super simple and I tell this to everyone because it works

            Our goals system is designed to make it really easy for you to find the right products for you


            Continue to be a part of this wonderful forum, allow us to help you and help us by giving your feedback and sharing your experiences with us.

            We all benefit by being part of this virtual community



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