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  • Hi everyone!


    This is my 2nd day to these forums (I visited another forum/thread before stopping by this one - me bad!), I'm yet to make a purchase (Will be in the next week - payday!) and have just set-up my account to order from the store.

    I found this site after spending the last 8 years experimenting on the AD site with their products, whilst looking on Google last night for an alternative recommended mone company, that didn't appear to be a scam site - we all know of them; and what they offer. Who knew things would turn out the way they have, but I'm someone that likes to research, try out new things and experiment. Probably not the best place to talk about another site/stores products, but I came to love AD's IShine, TUTH, P83, P96, Molecule C, Ammo and A314 (Spray versions, I've never tied the oil version!), to give you an idea of what I may be seeking here. If it's not here in similar products, no worries, I'm effectively starting my mone journey from scratch anyway!

    I'm a single, straight guy, with a young appearance. I get mistaken quite regularly for someone in their mid-twenties. Most people think I'm 26, lol, when I actually play a guessing game; and that's pretty much what everyone tells me as their answer! In reality, next Sunday, I'm 42! I'm not like someone of that age, I love going to music festivals (Anything from EDM to Hardstyle), I'm full of energy all of the time!

    My original mone journey back in 2010, was to help in meeting new people, not just socially, but also possibly used as means of an attractant. Sure I know mones aren't some voodoo potion; and a bit of confidence helps. Prior to AD, I was that guy that would stand in the corner, not be noticed, not really say anything. Their mones (AD) took me right out of my shell, made those who never really noticed me, suddenly go, "Who's that guy?" and they quite literally took me on a journey of mystery and discovery. I'm not going to lie, some of AD's mones did nothing (placebo, maybe?), some sent me into a complete zombie-like trance; and others made those around me, whether they knew me, or were complete strangers, to interact in a level I'd never seen before!

    8 years ago, my journey was to attract someone, find my ideal match and maybe settle down. That never happened, came close a few times, but never took off. My thoughts now are just to have the time of my life, if something happens in between, if I meet the lady of my dreams, then so be it. I joined a Facebook group last year and started attending music festivals as a solo person, ie, my friends hate the music I love (They're all older than me), which meant I was going on my own or missing out altogether! In january, I joined a whatsapp group of people of all ages (Both younger and older than me), all solo attendees to the UK music festival Creamfields. In 3 months, I've made some very good friends in both Groups, yet to meet those in the Whatsapp Group, next saturday being the 1st, when we attend a music event together, but in talking in that Group we get along so well, I feel like I've known them for years. Most of my friends I've met that way over the years, via talking on social media Groups/forums then taking the plunge and meeting up. Sure, you don't know what person hides behind their computer keyboard, they could be anyone, but so far, touch-wood, everyone I've come to be friends with online, have come to be great friends in real life!

    That's where my mone journey, (Hopefully this site's products), will come in to play. Hopefully, there's something that will enhance my experience with these people, with my love for all things music events, in the same manner that I got with AD's products when attending such events, or even when in the workplace, as let's face it, I wore many mones at work as well as the social setting; and continue to do so, whilst my supplies come to a final end, probably within the next month or so.

    It's time for me to move on, start afresh and begin the experimenting, researching and reporting back, again. Have we got journals here, or do we just post individual topics? yeah, I've still not looked around all of the forums, just thought I better get my butt into this forum, say "Hi" and go from there, so please don't hate me if I've overlooked something! I'm one of these people that is in the 'friendzone' with everyone; and although I don't mind it, yeah I am looking for my perfect match, if she even exists, lol! Probably be the nurse, in the care home, when I'm 100+ on oxygen, being wheeled around in a wheelchair, knowing my luck, lol!

    With that, I'm off for a look around both the forums and store.
    Feel free to comment. ask anything, guide me, I'm all ears. That's how we learn and make our experiences much more enjoyable.


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    Welcome! Take some time to read around. There's lots of great info. A bit of searching will likely answer most of your questions.


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      Welcome night hawk!


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        Welcome, happy early birthday!!
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            Night_Hawk is my man. Everyone back off.

            Welcome to the introduction thread!


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              Welcome Night Hawk,
              Nice introduction.
              Come on! You must have atleast heard about Xist? ..... Ascend? .... from PheromoneXS? Not at all?

              As always, Xist is the primary answer to come out of friends zone. Things shall start from here.


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                nice to meet you
                "He really should have given LaFemme some cash too. It's obvious he was a cheapskate and selfish." -Muestereate


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                  can't wait to hear about your journey with us at there are tons of amazing people here
                  , Bobbi


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                    Welcome to this wonderful forum my friend
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