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  • Greetings!

    Hello All,

    I am a "long-time listener, first time caller."
    Fairly new to pheromones, but I have been an on-and-off user for the past year and a half.

    I'm currently in a new relationship with a guy I've been seeing for the past month.
    There isn't much on the forums here, or @ pherotruth regarding pheromones for gay men, and I'm wondering if I can get some feedback.

    My partner is a 27 year old Chinese guy. He is quite the achiever and is currently working on his PhD in Chemistry. He is a very straight forward and honest type and knows what he wants and how to get it. Although apparently submissive in bed, he has quite the Commander personality otherwise.

    Things with him so far are good! The only downside is we are separated by a 3-hour drive, so we are currently seeing each other about every other week, with Skype dates in between visits. I really want to solidify a relationship with him and start getting intimate as well.

    I have not yet worn pheromones around him, but I think that a more alpha signature may be best suited to wooing him.

    My current daily regimen is 2 sprays Xist plus 1 spray Evolve.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated! Perhaps the legendary Scottie2Hottie would care to weigh in as well?

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    LMAO while I'm flattered, I am no legend. But thank you, I hope I don't let you down. As far as I know there have been no gay men posting on this forum so there really is no track record for phero use. As such, your input could be groundbreaking. Interesting choice with the XiSt. How has that product been working for you? I see no reason why it wouldn't.

    I'm certainly no expert in "gay" pheromones but I have done some extensive studying of various molecules. From what I've gathered from the research out there it seems that gay men respond to "hetero" pheros the same way that women do. So it would seem that the men's products should be effective.

    I do have some limited field experience with gay men. I used to live in Napa Valley and it was common for people from San Francisco to make weekend excursions to the area. As such it was pretty common to encounter gay men in the bars/clubs. What I noticed was that they responded significantly to alpha/high Enone blends. That being the case, I think an alpha blend may work for you. You basically have 3 options. Ascend which is the "captain of industry" blend. It's high status but also a smooth blend so no fears of intimidation. You also have APi which is more of a "cool guy" alpha. It's a bit more expensive but being an oil it will last a long time. Lastly you have Exotica which was designed for use with Asian women. I would describe it as a "soft" alpha vibe. If you decide to go with Ascend you probably want to get it without copulins. I doubt you want to smell like pussy. lol As far as sexuals go, I think you made a good choice with Evolve. It is a nice social/sexual. As you probably know, it takes some time to kick in but is an easy progression. If he is submissive in the bedroom you may also want to consider Domination. It's a heavy hitter. I would avoid SOB and Brute. Those both have copulins and probably not well suited to your situation.

    I hope that was helpful.


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      Wow, thanks so much Scottie2Hottie . Definitely a lot of useful information.

      I read somewhere (Liquid Alchemy Labs, perhaps) that gay men respond favorably to high Enone blends, and I think you are right on the money.

      With regard to my current regimen of Xist and Evolve - I work in a clinic with a lot of women, and this blend seems to have them responding positively to me. I tend to get more respect and they definitely get more talkative than normal. For some reason, I also perceive that they become somewhat more relaxed and disarmed. No one at the office knows I am gay, and I think the pheromones also get more women of varying ages flirting with me.

      I will definitely be trying out Evolve around my man and see how it goes - I suspect it might be a winner as a social/sexual blend that gay men may find pleasing. I think I may use it with Xist as a baseline for testing, and then play with the levels of each being used to determine best practices. Being that we live rather far away from each other, I do hope to do a bit of imprinting with each of our future interactions to even further build up the relationship. I'll start a journal or a thread on this to document any progress.

      Interesting about Exotica - that may be worth giving a go since he is Chinese. How would you describe "soft alpha?" Perhaps the blend is buffered with more socials to lessen the pure alpha pheromones?

      Ascend I have definitely found to be good in the work place - almost immediate increases in respect and a definite "status" self-effect. I will have to order more of this one to test out. I wonder if it has any sexual energy to it?


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        Just be careful with XiSt around the women at work. Keep things professional. It's possible that you may experience some fallout. With that combo your signature says "perfect boyfriend" and "sexy beast", plus with the socials comes some degree of comfort. But I definitely think you should try that combo with your boyfriend. I'm thinking, based on what I know, that if it can have that effect on women then I can on him too.

        The concept behind Evolve is genius. It's a stealth weapon. A sneak attack. You start off social, chatting, connecting and having a good time with that sexuality smoldering beneath the surface. Before you know it your partner is getting more and more horny. And because of the social start they are more comfortable with idea of getting sexual. By the end of the night they are ready to jump your bones.

        As far as Exotica goes I once read a good description from a poster who uses it regularly. Whereas Ascend is "the Captain of Industry", Exotica is the "dutiful son" who runs the family business. It has stature without saying "I'm Top Dog". I was thinking that if your partner is "dominant" outside of the bedroom that Exotica may add stature without stepping on his toes. You can still use your sexuals to dominate in the bedroom. Ascend samples come with cops by default but see if you can't request one without. They are usually pretty good about hooking you up. In the notes where you request samples explain that you want to try Ascend but are gay and don't need/want cops. It can't hurt to ask.

        I would say that Ascend does have a sexual "energy" but isn't a "sexual". By sexuals we usually are referring to some kind of Enone product. However, let's face it high status IS sexy. In the hetero world women usually don't seek men of low value....unless she has some issues. lol I don't see how that would be any different in the gay community. Regardless of sexual orientation we are all basically human and respond to basically the same things. Gay, straight, brown, purple, pink we all want to be proud of our partner. Therefore, we want one of high value. Make sense?

        One last word.....it seems that your goals beyond basic attraction are bonding and imprinting. I would recommend that you consider P96. This is a great molecule. It gives you bonding, beautification, crushiness and imprinting. A real emotional connection.


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