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  • New to XS & have a few questions

    Hello. I'm a young single woman who is fairly new to using pheromones. I only recently came upon XS, & I have a few questions that hopefully some of you can help me with.

    First off, I want to tell you of my situation:

    -Last March, I met my guy friend (I'll just call him "Clay" for the sake of privacy), who lives in my neighborhood, at my brother's St. Patrick's Day party. After a chat about video games & art, we became friends. Around late May, we started walking around our lake together, talking & getting to know each other better. We became really close, like BFFs, though I think there may have been a bit of a mutual attraction. I didn't notice right away, though. Then late one evening in mid-June, after taking him home after we ran a quick errand, we unexpectedly kissed...(attraction confirmed! lol) We didn't officially date, but it felt like something more than just friendship was blossoming. This continued until about mid to late-July, where he confessed that he wasn't over his ex. Apparently, he was with her for about 7-8 years & thought he would marry her, but she left him. He thought he was ready for a relationship with me at that time, but realized he wasn't, & didn't want to lead me on. He was kind & caring enough to comfort me as I cried in agony, but after that, the attraction became one-sided, & awkward tension built between us. The one-sided feelings have faded since then & have had to accept being in the "Friend Zone", but I still can't help but feel a residual attraction to him. It's a hard situation, because the awkward tension is still there. I know it will take time for that awkwardness to fade, but I believe that using pheromones can help move the process forward.
    I do have a few goals in mind related to my situation:
    -I want for him to feel more relaxed, open, friendly, attentive & chatty toward me.
    -I want for him to feel a stronger sense of trust, connection & respect toward me.
    -Ultimately, I wish to attract him emotionally & physically, & gradually move toward an intimate, romantic relationship.

    After browsing several XS products & reading up a little on the ingredients, I felt that Desire Me XS Plus, Fantasy XS, & Babe XS might be great to start with.
    Which brings me to my questions:
    -Can XS blends be worn simultaneously? (ie: Fantasy XS & Desire Me XS Plus) If so, how many sprays of each?
    -Do any pheros used in XS blends have an " imprint" effect on men, & is it a lasting one?
    -How soon before meeting up with people should I apply a blend?

    I'm going to a New Year's party this weekend, & he will most likely be there. I intend to test the products I ordered on him there...(hopefully they arrive in time)...While I know realistically phero blends won't do all the work for me, I DO believe they can help tip the odds in my favor while I do my part.
    Should I not receive my order in time (though I'm rather confident that I will), I have Max Attraction Silk by LuvEssentials as a back-up plan.

    If anyone can provide any insight with their own experiences, please feel free to do so.

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    Shy, sweet gamer geek & aspiring artist

    Collection: Fantasy, DesireMe+, Xist for Women, Limitless
    Samples: Babe, Tease, Love Boat, Vibe

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    Originally posted by Dancing Orchid View Post
    -I want for him to feel more relaxed, open, friendly, attentive & chatty toward me.
    -I want for him to feel a stronger sense of trust, connection & respect toward me.
    -Ultimately, I wish to attract him emotionally & physically, & gradually move toward an intimate, romantic relationship.
    I imagine, most of men know how to get into those situations...
    Living in Nordic climate, very cold and humid. Targets Caucasian/blond women, not really much chance to test with black, hispanic or asian. Living in a city, I target mostly 18-40 years old.
    Pheromone XS: SOB, Xist oil, Love boat, Cohesion oil & spray, Ascend -cops-, Connections, Evolve.
    Alpha dream: Alpha Maschio.
    Love Scent : scented Chikara, NPA 15ml.
    Androtics: A 314 oil (rarely use)
    Cover cologne: Armani Code


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      As for self-effects, I wish to feel more confident, relaxed & approachable. I deal with social anxiety often, even with people I know, so maybe it will help give me the boost I need.
      Shy, sweet gamer geek & aspiring artist

      Collection: Fantasy, DesireMe+, Xist for Women, Limitless
      Samples: Babe, Tease, Love Boat, Vibe


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        Dancing orchid! I am always excited when a female joins our forum but sad when life gets busy for them and they are not able to be on here often.

        Friend zone is not restricted to just males and just like when a female friend zones a guy it is very difficult to get out. You tend to take everything as a sign of hope and the person isn't super straightforward with you and keeps stringing you along.

        Pheromones are a great help but you need to add some skills and know how to get this done

        Most of our experts are enjoying the holiday and taking the time to use the hell our of their mones so you won't see them on so much now.

        You have a goal ,that is fantastic , now it's time to work towards that goal.

        Understand that men ,even the best of them love the chase more than the actual catch. While they will take and entertain what is near , it means nothing , the one who can own his heart is one who can keep him on his toes and for that you need to establish control. From what I read , this man is fully aware of his feelings for him but you seem to make it easy

        Don't make yourself to available and always put them in a position where they do more for you , than you do for them. You being that sweet , patient , understanding girl sitting around waiting for him to get over this girl. He needs to consider what you want , what makes you happy and you need to put that first as well. That is advise for all future relationships. What you do and allow while dating or getting to know each other sets the expectations throughout your entire relationship and you don't want to feed a man's nature to be selfish and passive.

        What products did you purchase? I suggest going to that party looking great and make your focus to have a great time and make a new , temporary male friend. Don't ignore him entirely but let not your focus seem to be on him. Make him come to you.

        We have thsds of men who use mones , work out , diet and do so much just to get a girl to like them ,if this dude wants you he will put in the work and he has to.That is the message you want to send out , if you want me , you have to work to get me

        desire me and fantasy are two great places to start for sexual attraction.

        Other products to consider : Temptress\Connections\Tease

        You can wear these products alone or wear them together. Please do a search for what the members here have to say about imprint


        • Dancing Orchid
          Dancing Orchid commented
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          I just received DesireMe Plus, along with samples of Babe, Tease, & Love Boat.

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        Welcome Dancing Orchid!

        OHMYYES, what Miss KateD said And her product suggestions too. Fantasy and DM are a simple but effective combo. Light and flirty. For your social anxiety I thought of Cohesion for women - wonderful, calming blend. When you're relaxed you may project confidence but the blend itself is full of "invitation" pheromones. Not necessarily a sexual attraction blend, but a road opener of sorts and calming for you.

        Yes! You can mix and match these blends - that's one of the things XS encourages ^_^ so make sure to check out the threads on their products and how others have used them in combination.
        Imprinting. I use products with androstadienone & DHEAS for imprinting. I'd have to go through the XS products for sure again, but Cohesion comes to mind first. I don't know that Connections necessarily imprints, but the intimacy and openness it can create can make a lasting impression if you get to have some real bonding/open conversation(s).
        The sprays last for hours (4-8 depending on the product - oil or spray - and some I've worn I swear have lasted longer than even that) I believe you can find a ball park under the description of each product.

        I LOVE Love Boat. Just an all around happy blend, nice selfies.
        Tease is a great anytime blend. Light and fun and flirty for any situation.
        Babe - we have a wonderful shopping relationship...lots of freebies and good deals. People just wanted to give me stuff lol.
        DM Plus - you can stack that with all things great and small. I think all of us (girls) have that in our stash ^_~)

        Welcome again - and happy experimenting!


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