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Xist advice & complications

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  • Xist advice & complications

    So I've been wearing xist around an ex girlfriend (whom I occasionally still hook up with even after our break up), though every time we meet up while I'm wearing xist we part ways soon after. Just enough to have a short conversation. I tried increasing the amount of sprays but that only seems to decrease our time together even more. I've also tried evolve around her which does the complete opposite of xist - She tells me I smell amazing even though it's unscented and doesn't want to leave my side.

    thoughts, advice?
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    This might sound blunt but why not just wear Evolve around her?

    If Xsist doesn't give you positive results with her then just wear what does.


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      I think that was the ques on everyone's mind, lol

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    If you have a sample of cohesion , add it to xist . Have fun!


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      That negative reaction could be a positive reaction for all you know. What if she's finding that she may still have feelings for you and may have regretted breaking up with you, thus she's trying to stay away? Evolve's reaction is pretty straight forward since it's social+sexual so she'd definitely stay longer. What you can do is try and add in some social to Xist and see how's the effect.
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        Originally posted by Dmg91
        I respect your blutness, though I no longer have Evolve in my arsenal. I'm reaching to put Xist to good use instead of wasting it. The bottle is basically full and it hasn't worked solo, and not sure what to mix it with. I have IG, a314, corpo, certo, l2k v 1. Hypnotica, voodoo, TUTH, and a few other samples.
        Ahhh that makes sense.

        It could be as elvin said and she is uncomfortable with old feelings resurfacing. It could also be that she just doesn't react well to one or multiple components in Xsist. It could also be that your use of Xsist coincided with her having a bad day. Lots of different variables to consider as to why your getting poor results.

        As she reacts well to Evolve I would try and up the sexual side of xsist by adding 1-2 sprays of TUTH.


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          Dmg91 I'm thinking what elvin.tan77 said is likely happening. XiSt might be wise if you want to girlfriend her again. If so, what I'd do is Evolve + XiSt. I'd start with the original dosage of Evolve that you use, then add 1/2 a spray of XiSt. If that appears to work, I'd add the usual of Evolve and 1 spray of XiSt the next time I saw her. I'd work up to the highest dose possible of XiSt such that she still hangs around rather than tries to ditch you soon after you show up. If you get up to Evolve + 5 sprays of XiSt and then she tries to ditch you soon after you show up... Then you know how many sprays of XiSt to use... in that case, it would probably be 4 sprays of XiSt

          Now if for some reason she still tries to ditch you soon after you get together (presumably because you're wearing XiSt) when you are only wearing 1/2 a spray, the other route I'd take is the usual amount of Evolve plus one DROP of XiSt OIL (slower diffusion). Then keep upping the number of drops until the maximum dose she can handle before trying to ditch you... then back off by one drop.

          I wouldn't go above 9 sprays or 9 drops even if she still tolerates it.

          If you're out of Evolve, I'd encourage you to think about getting more because it seems to work.


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            I myself have found if you have too much history with an ex, sometimes there is just no getting back together or working things out without it blowing up in your face If I meet that much resistance I go find a new pond to fish. But evolve, cohesion and xist would definitely be in my arsenal for the attempt.
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              master_at_arms I know we like to say "a quiter never wins and a winner never quits" but there are some situations that you do win if you quit. You highlighted that.


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                D! I read your thread and not sure why I haven't responded as yet

                I think the whole situation, although intriguing is a bit strange and I wanted to see what advice the guys gave and how this played out

                For me, hooking up with an ex just makes things simple in some ways.You don't have to start over and get to know someone. He already knows how to satisfy you, nothing new there and it is sort of like a buffer in between the new one.

                You get to scratch that itch without moving on to a new guy and being a slut and you just do the whole F%7K buddy thing until you are pretty sure the next guy that comes around is good enough to be serious with then you break it of

                Um, did I just say that out loud. I mean that is something I read someone did. I never did that

                Keep us updated D, what is going on with you, your mones and this situation


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