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Hey! New member. Bought XiSt and LK version 1. Advice?

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  • Hey! New member. Bought XiSt and LK version 1. Advice?

    I'm a out going guy that likes to stand out and draw attraction. I'm OCD about things. I just bought LK version 1 and XiSt. I'm learning most I can from other threads, but also would like direct advice for myself. I'm looking for fun, but also long term if I get the feeling from the girl. I have been engaged, and I also have had 2 intense flings/ relations since then that mattered to me. All blew up in my face and cheated on. I am an alpha male and take highly care of my body from being an physique bodybuilding in the past. I transitioned to mma fight giving my background in arts, but currently full time student in nursing school. I start next month actually. I'm really looking for a boost to get my desires. Lastly, I'm impatient and a 20 year old male. Any advice on my products I ordered? Or recommendations? Also, could I combine LK and XiSt?

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    to Pheromone XS! You seem like a sugar rush and I am happy to have you here on our awesome community

    Listen, if you already doing your reading and research I won't recommend any more reading material,although it is a good idea to read and research as much a possible

    Instead, I will just give you a warm welcome and let the guys take over

    They will recommend products for you based on their own experience and as they say : Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. You guys speak your own lingo and so I will allow for the men to help you along your journey


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      If you combine LK and Xist may you report the effects ? I'm curios


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        I sure will if I do. I plan on testing it out tomorrow when I go for criminal background check/ drug screen with other nursing students.


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          Welcome. It will be an interesting combination. May I suggest that you try them out individually? That way, you will know the effects of each and how it works for you. Reason I'm asking that is because mones can affect and work for individuals differently. e.g. L2K v1 is supposed to cause a little depression/withdrawal to other guys around its wearer but it does not appear so for me. The other benefit is of course when you know how each mone works for you, when you combine them, you will know whether any effects are cancelled out or elevated. Since you're going for a background check, and you may want to appear on your best footing, I would suggest you to go with Xist first. You can try and use L2K during the night at clubs or etc after that.
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            Thank you, Elvin. I will go with your advice.


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              NurseofMMAmichael58 XiSt may be more of blend to use if you want to have a woman be your girlfriend, OR if you really pissed her off and want to smooth things out.


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                Any word on how the l2k xist combo had worked. I plan to try it myself when my first XS order gets here, hopefully monday. I haven't been too impressed with l2k as a standalone.


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                  Whats the deal with l2k 2016, thought AD were having problems. Is it sorted out as regards to l2k. Just surprised u went for l2k with the current situation.


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                    Originally posted by Ladies Man View Post
                    Whats the deal with l2k 2016, thought AD were having problems. Is it sorted out as regards to l2k. Just surprised u went for l2k with the current situation.
                    For me, my first exposure to mones was on the house of pheromones page. L2K is still very highly touted over there, with no mentions of the issues the company had. Should have looked into it more, but mine was given to me by a friend. Lots of sources out there, glad I settled down here! ????


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                      OK so I got excited over nothing. I thought nurse man came back to let us know what products he got, what his experiences were

                      Our forum is a lot more active and I know he can benefit a lot from being here so I look forward to hearing from him sometime in the future. Hopefully not in the late, late future

                      I guess he is just busy stitching ppl up and making sure everyone here gets their meds


                      Ad down