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Need Advice for Orgeon Trip

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  • Need Advice for Orgeon Trip

    Hi Everyone,
    I just received my first product in the mail today and am quite excited to try them out. Brief background: 38 Male, Mixed ethnicity, fairly outgoing and decent looking. I have previously used Androtics products like Ammo, Instant Shine, etc. I can definitely say I had positive results and decided to see if the xs line could yield similar. So I bought Xist and Evolve, and received samples of Love Boat, Cohesion, S.O.B.

    I'm flying to Oregon tomorrow for the Goonies 30th Anniversary and was wondering what the best combos are for female attention/attraction, from the products I have.

    A few things: I'm staying in a house with some females, both single and with husbands/bf's (obviously not messing with them), and there will be a ton of women from all over having fun and celebrating. There will be lots of activities/going out like a bonfire, dance, concert etc. I'm not really looking for long term, but more just flirty, playful attraction...maybe intimate. Who knows?

    The second thing is that a girl I dated long distance will be there and will more than likely see her a few times. Things aren't amazing between us, so it would be nice if she saw me in a nice glow again, maybe flirting/intimate. I'd just like a positive experience and hopefully not awkwardness.

    So what combos do you think would be best in these situations?

    P.S. Shoutout to SteveO for quick packaging and shipping and the nice surprise/note he sent. If the products have some sort of result I will definitely be purchasing more.

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    The others give you a number of good two-product pairings (e.g. LB+Evolve, Cohesion+XiST, etc.), but SOB is the one thing I would not wear in that context. At all. Seriously. It's not a bad product, but I would not wear it in that house. You'll alienate some people, possibly including your targets or male counterparts.

    I think your biggest challenge is actually picking and focusing on your target(s). If you want to reignite things with that girl you dated, I'd go for a more intense mix at the expense of playtime with the other single girls, and spend as much time as possible alone with her (again, at the expense of your other socializing, but helping her focus on your xist/cohesion evolve/cohesion /whatever). Heck, even just to avoid awkwardness, not prancing around with the other girls is a good start (depending on specifically how she feels about you and what put the relationship on ice in the first place). If you want some flingery with the others you can broadcast a more inviting vibe and keep yourself surrounded, but knowing that none of them is going to feel 'intimate' even if they do want to fool around a little. Of course this (committing to one goal / target(s) to increase the chance of success at that, forgoing any hope of success at another) is something I've struggled with, but that's how I know its importance. It'll also make deciding on a single, consistent phero signature for the week a lot easier.

    Depending on the exact circumstances of your (actual breakup? subtle cool-down?), if you don't get bad self-effects from A1, I might seriously just use a high dose of cohesion constantly around the ex, and nothing else. It could be just the thing to dissipate awkwardness and lay the groundwork for a new bond. From there the positive memories can help move things along without the aid of any conflicting blends.


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      Excellent thoughts. This is exactly why I asked. Definitely will steer clear of the S.O.B. because I don't want to alienate anyone in the house. I'll save trying that one for another time. Maybe I'll just stick with Xist and Evolve for a bit, and a dab of cohesion. Not sure how much quality time I'm going to be able to have with the ex, but I will keep cohesion in mind if I see a time and a place.

      And you're right, I don't exactly have a particular goal in mind. I kind of figured I would see if I could ramp up the fun times, and if not then it'll still be a great time. I'll have to keep a detailed account of what I'm wearing and the various interaction (if any) I get. Thanks.


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        Originally posted by JCab31 View Post
        I'll have to keep a detailed account of what I'm wearing and the various interaction (if any) I get. Thanks.
        Cool. Since you're going to the trouble anyway, might as well head over to the "Men's Journals" section and share that detailed account when you get back, both for feedback and to help others. Good luck!


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