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Welcome to the community:)

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  • Welcome to the community:)

    I'd like to personally extend my thanks for joining the community and I'll also be sure to drop on by and welcome everyone individually.

    I started this community because I, like you, am an enthusiast and hobbyist. I believe we have the power at our fingertips to influence our worlds in a positive way. I believe we are on the cusp of a major pheromone breakthrough and we are all in this together. The messages we post, the friends we make, the knowledge we share and learn is what will be the foundation of our community.

    I realize there are many great forums already out there so I value you taking the time to join here. My interest is not to compete in any way with the other forums as they stand because how can I. Pherotalk has been around for nearly a decade and has offered many of us our first real glimpse into a pheromone community. Before that was Love-scent, and after is markindallas' forum PheroTruth. Mark and I are friends and I post there regularly as well. That won't change, but I also wanted a forum here for two reasons.

    My first reason is quite honestly it adds a great avenue for SEO purposes as after all the XS brand is a business. However it is built on the principals of that solid foundation I mentioned earlier. Truth in advertising and quality pheromone products that work. From one enthusiast to another!

    The second one is one that is closer and more dear to me than anything: its the idea that we can all be a part of an amazing community that shapes this world by influencing others in a positive way. I have always believed that we can add value to each other and the world through pheromones. To quote Jasmin of pherotalk, "to make the world a better place." I know that is hard to stomach sometimes coming from where it did, but I believe there was good intent there once. Perhaps I drank to much of the coolaid, perhaps I like to think the best of people even if its sometimes hard to do. For me its an opportunity of growth and humility in my own life.

    We have an incredible opportunity here to share and grow and I hope you participate so you too can take advantage of all this community stands for. There is a section (only the category name is visible to most) Pheromone Research Area - Private where all of our deepest and most exciting experiments will take place. The only way to gain access to the area and be a participant is to be invited by a researcher.

    When I worked at Androtics anyone who had more than 50 posts was considered a reporting user, even if those posts were one word replies and had no value otherwise. Even then you are relegated to testing unknown molecules and experimental mixes that never transgressed the experimental stage. In my 6 years at Androtics I have never seen an MX change over to a product nor have I ever heard an actual putative name. I was never privy to that information and please do not take this as a knock to AD. Their marketing plan is quite brilliant and I'm sure Michael and Jasmin are both millionaires. However I didn't like the idea that people were spending thousands of their hard-earned money on MX's and putatives only to see them vanish with no explanation. It wouldn't have been so bad, in my eyes, if AD had named those disappearing molecules and MX's after all of the communities efforts. We all know that didn't happen.

    It is my commitment to the community to offer value in products that work. I want you to be thrilled by the consistent eye opening results you get when you spray on any of the XS brand. I want you to say oh wow! This is why I started the community, its why I will offer those who choose to participate and post about their XS product results - good or bad - here in our community forum an opportunity to start testing some very exotic molecules only available to researchers here. There will be a post explaining a little bit more about this to follow in the announcements section.

    Again though, you have taken the next step on your pheromone journey. Whether this is the first step or a continuation of steps from other places, I'm glad the step is here in our community. You and your opinions are genuinely welcome here. I'm not much one for big rules on this and that, I would just ask you please show respect and be honorable. If you dislike something that someone said, take a deep breath and re-read it. Our words play out very differently in writing from speaking. I've found that whatever mood I am in personally is the way I tend to read words. I can take a page out of Winnie the Poo and make it sound quite hateful at times. I don't think Poo has a bit of hate inside him!

    So please take a breath, maybe come back later, and read it again, but this time with a big smile. If it still sounds hurtful, the best course of action is to ask. If someone is not playing nice and respectful , we can all disagree, please use the flag in the bottom right of the post to report the user. Everyone, including me, must abide by these rules. So it is just as important to keep me in line too. I am human and make mistakes too

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining our community and look to a future where pheromones can do more good in this world that power hungry politicians. The world can change with an idea. This is my idea. Lets change the world together

    Steve O
    This is my passion and my goal: to change the world, 1 person at a time, by empowering them with knowledge, know-how and the products that give them the ability to chase their dreams.

    A dream or vision is only a pretty picture without the passion and willingness to get your ass kicked chasing after it.

    DiscoverXS is our adventure story! Thank you for being a part of it

    Pheromone Questions?
    I am happy to answer all your pheromone questions. For a free consultation please call to speak with me personally on the
    Pheromone Answer Line: +1(901)-328-6433

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    Steve. Good to see you again. Time to experiment with new mones.


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      I like the idea that the discount is already there on the product itself. It's less work for us and more transparency. That way we can see the real cost. Instead of throwing gift after gift for a product that is overpriced well beyond imagination.


      • ubiquitousbliss
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        can someone explain this banned and censored thing with this fella?

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      I agree. In my personal research of various products out there, I have read reviews that may not really be accurate. If there was some kind of incentive, the reviews or messages may not be a real impression. It is nice to get honest feedback.
      Just expanded my collection.... XiSt, Cohesion, Bliss, and Evolve. Trying out the massage oils too. Also have samples of Ascend, Thinker, and Connections.


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        Hey SteveO, I'm back from the past. The good Ole days.

        You and I have had many a conversation back in your AD period. I was the guy who used to buy the Virgin (no pheromones) orange neroli oil and used it as a base layer canvas and a diffuser for my molecules and putatives back in 2008 thru 2012 until my traffic accident took me out of circulation.

        The first time we talked about it your response, " very interesting."

        I'm happy to be back in touch with you. And, I have a treasure trove of data and observable behavior keys on females of different ethnicities reacting to different molecules, putatives, and product mixes.

        "Tells" if you will. Tells that confirm not only that they are feeling what I am wearing, but also "how" they are feeling it physiologically.

        Anyway, in due time.

        Will be needing to talk with you about the new product line - I need a little clarity on a few questions.

        As far as the subject of discount is concerned, I am far more interested in quality and consistency. Which is in effect the best discount in a well priced product.

        Quality and consistency guarantees every penny of my investment, and saves me in the time area.

        Time is money!

        Has anyone seen a Dancing Joker around!

        Be in touch soon......


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          Hello, excited to try My mones...


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            It is really refreshing to see the owner of the company speaking so genuinely and offering such a warm welcome to the forums.

            Thank you Steve-O for that introduction and for your commitment to delivering consistent products for excellent value (at least according to the reviews).

            I look forward to building up my collection and maybe advancing some of the research taking place in this community.

            I see this as an adventure in biochemical hacking and I am determined to acquire the knowledge to gain access to all the sexy systems.


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              Hello Steve ,

              This is from Oz. Feeling great to join the group.I look forward to building up my collection and maybe advancing some of the research taking place in this community.

              I see this as an adventure in biochemical hacking and I am determined to acquire the knowledge to gain access to all the sexy systems.


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                Thank you Steve-O for all,amazing products, I love pheromonexs


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                    I created an account last evening.
                    I get a feeling that the world of pheromones would keep me busy for some time ..

                    Have tried pheromones earlier.. Few from lovescent .. Only as standalones though..
                    NPA gave the best results while alpha 7 a promotion
                    Have been reading a lot about them on three forums ..
                    Still a little skeptical as to what should be part of my 1st order ..
                    After all the readings I had zeroed in on two vendors .. PSX and LAL.
                    However, since LAL doesn't ship to India (yup.. I stay in the humid city of Mumbai) .. PSX was the only option ..
                    Sadly .. There are so many threads with such vast variation in results that its become near impossible to choose the right set.

                    Any suggestions would be welcome and greatly appreciated.


                    • KateD
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                      Take it slowly and you will get there.Rmr, everyone else started a newbie like yourself.

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                    Devilz-attorney lz. To post an introduction you will need to go to the introduction section, open up a thread and tell us about your journey, how you got here, what are your goals and how we can assist you. I look forward to seeing you around


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                      Honestly .. Am not a big fan of opening a new thread every time ..
                      But still will try to do it


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                        Thanks for the amazingly warm welcome and level of dedication to your customers! And the candy in the package!?! PRICELESS! Even now I'm smiling thinking about how cool and surprising that was. Looking forward to trying new mones and getting advice from such a cool and knowledge company/community!


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