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Which pheromone would you recommend to an insecure alpha?

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  • Which pheromone would you recommend to an insecure alpha?

    My problem summed up as concisely as I can is this:
    I am perceived as an alpha male (numerous experiences over years have shown it quite clearly), but in fact I'm rather insecure and anxious. The result is that I usually fail to live up to the alpha role and people get confused and disappointed. In particular, I need time to get comfortable around a woman, but women perceive my lack of insistense as disinterest and start avoiding me.

    Years ago, I tested tens of different pheromone products. I clearly noticed the following pattern:
    When I wear an alpha-type pheromone product, I feel amazing, but women run away from me.
    When I feel a social-type pheromone product, women are very friendly and interested, but I feel so shitty I want to hide behind locked doors and not see anyone.

    Some additional details that might help:
    Instant Shine that was supposed to make one feel great made me feel utterly awful – repeatedly, until I gave up trying. They were baffled at Androtics and suggested maybe it was a faulty batch.
    I wore Bliss-XS a couple of times and it worsened my mood and caused a headache. That was shortly before I gave up on pheromones altogether, so I didn't get to test Bliss-XS properly. But I do suspect it's not going to give me the bliss people keep saying it gives them.
    Evolve-XS seemed to improve my mood, yet at the same time to worsen the behavior of some shop attendants and such. (Maybe I became invisible because of OD.) Again, I didn't get around to testing this one properly, because I got generally discouraged and gave up on pheromones at that time.
    I don't seem to be able to use anything that contains copulins, because I can't stand the copulin stink. Even with a cover fragrance, it's still unbearable. Essence of Woman was by far the worst, but Ascend-XS stank intolerably as well, and Flirt-XS to a lesser extent.

    My favorite is Alter Ego, which is no longer available except from a couple of dubious websites in Thailand and a US website that is not working.
    MX100 made me feel great and the women responded really well, too, but then it was discontinued.
    I had quite obvious effects with A314, but, in a nutshell, it gave me more authority and that's not what I need right now. I want to make women more open for social interaction. I want to come across as approachable, not to intimidate.

    So, what's your best guess, what would be worth a try for me?

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    How about API? It's a social Alpha.

    Do you prefer oil or spray?


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      If you need something for self effects such as motivation and idgaf about what I would normally let discourage me, I've found limitless useful for this.


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